May 10, 2009

Atlanta Zoo!

Two weekends ago we quickly made a decision to pack the kids in the car and head up to Atlanta to visit the zoo. About half way there I gave them a each a card and when they opened it they found out where we were going!! THE ZOO!!! So excited =)

The flamingos were a big hit...we even came home with two tiny little pink fuzzy ones to add to our collection of stuffed family members.

This was probably the favorite part of the day. They just opened a new exhibit called the Parakeet Pavilion. You go in and there are hundreds of birds flying around that you can feed with seeds on a stick.
Hailey got one pretty quickly.
Jack tried to steal her bird onto his stick =)
But we were able to find him his own GREEN bird!

He thought it was so cool to watch them so up close.

Hailey and Daddy had to feed one more before we headed off to see more animals.
By the end of the day this is how Darren and I were moving =)

This is the daddy lion
He was taking a nap on the top rock with his three cubs.

These two baby gorillas were hilarious. They were playing with each other like two siblings (they just might be). Hitting, throwing sticks at each two got a kick out of it.

Our zoo is one of the few in the U.S to have Giant Pandas. We recently had a baby born. It was too cute. There was a long line to see them because they were being kept inside due to the heat. This is the baby in the tree.
Here is Hailey looking at the momma taking a snooze. I tried to get more pictures of my kids' expressions, but it was so busy and crowded that day. My two would run to the front to get a good look and we'd just stand back to let them watch whatever animal we were looking at. Hopefully next time it won't be so busy.
We went to a bird show. This owl almost gave Darren a haircut!! It was beautiful and flew right over us two or three times.
This guy told us some jokes and Hailey thought it was Awesome that he could talk!!
The petting zoo was a big hit, but I felt a little sad for the animals.... there were so many kids trying to pet them... Just seemed a little chaotic. I guess they are used to it.

Okay...this was too funny! Carousel.. slow, just goes in a circle... my son was scared to death! He would not get on any of the animals so Darren just held him.
Hailey on the other hand thought she was a magical princess waving to all her subjects =) Notice how she chose the tiger (she loves her some princess Jasmine!)
Here's Jack during the ride...
Death Grip!
Oh mom, I survived! I need new undies, but I did it =)
He was super pumped about the train ride though! What could go wrong?!?

TUNNELS!!! Two of them in fact!!
Hailey kept saying, 'This is Awesome!!'
After that we were so done! We had checked off all the animals on the map and done both rides... now off to Sonic for Happy Hour!