September 26, 2009

Atlanta Aquarium pt. 2 & other stuff…

Before I get to the rest of the aquarium pictures I want to show off the new bows I just made for Hailey.  I’m so glad Amber taught me how to do this :)

This one was for Patriot Day!


I made her a bunch of Halloween ones:IMG_5577


Trick or Treat


Happy Halloween




And here is my first attempt at a burp cloth! IMG_5582IMG_5583

Now more aquarium pictures.  If you missed the last post click HERE.

Getting to feel the sting rays. Hailey was all about it, but Jack….you guessed it: Not so much!


This picture was taken right before we all looked away from her and she picked up a sea urchin!! You are NOT supposed to pick them up! ONLY two finger touch! We quickly got out of there :)



Jack and Ralston!IMG_5446

Giant Spider Crab!! IMG_5452 This guy was Hailey’s FAVORITE! There were 4 beluga whales but this one was such a show-off!


See Hailey at the bottom left? She was memorized.


I think he liked her too!IMG_5465

Now she’s playing with him :) See it’s little smile?!?!IMG_5466 We hit the jelly fish tank one more time before leaving…. see what she picked out from the gift shop!IMG_5486 After leaving we hung out next to the World of Coke and got a little refreshments.IMG_5496 IMG_5497 Because the bottles were glass I kept telling them to stay on the grass!IMG_5500 IMG_5502 We wanted the get the most of our day in Atlanta so we started walking……IMG_5504 IMG_5505 IMG_5507 The Olympic Rings fountain was a HUGE hit!! We told them the idea was to NOT get wet (didn’t have any other clothes). Next time we’ll be more prepared so they can just go for it!!IMG_5509 IMG_5512 IMG_5518 Off to the CNN Center.IMG_5525 IMG_5530

The kids were so excited to see this inside CNN Center :)IMG_5533

We walked to dinner at Johnny Rockets.  It was such a cool little diner. IMG_5549

They gave everyone a nickel to play the little jukeboxes.  And check out the straw dispensers….big hit with my two!IMG_5539

The cooks and waiters got down and boogied for us!!IMG_5546

I think this picture pretty much sums up our day!!!!IMG_5537

September 25, 2009

Update on my mom...

As most of you know my mom was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer a couple of weeks ago. She was told that it is only on one side of the thyroid and in Stage 1. They usually don't catch it this early, but with all the stuff she's had done with her neck (bulging disc) they caught it :) She had an apt. yesterday with the surgeon and he said they are going to take the whole thing and then do a round of radiation. Her procedure will be on Oct. 9th. She really likes her surgeon and feels so good about his decision to just take the entire thyroid out. Please keep her in your prayers and I'll update any new news!

I stole this picture off Tabby's blog :) Thanks for taking it, I don't have many recent ones of just the two of them!!

September 22, 2009

Atlanta Aquarium pt.1

Since we celebrated Jack’s birthday a week early we had a ‘free day’ on his actual birthday. Daddy was off so we invited the Lesters to join us on a trip up to Atlanta to see the aquarium! IMG_5409

First stop:IMG_5387 Jack really had to warm up to the HUGE tanks, dark hallways, fish bigger than him, etc….IMG_5405  Some weird squid like creature.IMG_5389 IMG_5390

The jellies were so cool!  Loved taking pictures in that room.IMG_5393

IMG_5395 I think we could have just stopped here and the kids would have been fine.  This tank was beautiful and we could have stared at it for hours. The waves that crashed on the top and the music could just put you in a slight coma.IMG_5398

A family picture! It’s a Christmas Miracle!!IMG_5410

My least most favorite thing in the world: I was scarred for life after watching JAWS when I was 5yrs old!IMG_5408Next exhibit was the Giant one! This manta ray is one of the newest to the aquarium. He was so cool and enormous!!     IMG_5425

There were 4 of these whale sharks! Probably the size of our van :) yet they have tiny throats and can only swallow the tiniest foods. I watched one swallow a fish and it came out it’s gills!! IMG_5428

Feeding time was a great. It came up from vents in the bottom of the tank. Our crew got seats front and center! Including Darren :)IMG_5429 It’s Deepo!! Jack and Ralston shared a hug!IMG_5432

We got tickets to the little movie and it was so much fun!  The kids wanted to do it over again :) Not only was it 3D, but 4D!! Water sprayed on us, bubbles in the air, jellyfish tentacles coming down from the ceiling!! (that was freaky) They LOVED it!!IMG_5434

More to come!!!