June 19, 2010

Catching up on things around the house…

Before Collin’s arrival I was busy getting the kids rooms rearranged.   Here are some ‘not so great’ pictures of them. 

Jack and Hailey share a room now.  I’m planning on painting two of the walls a teal or green color (like his bedspread) that way the whole room isn’t lavender! And sorry their beds are not made… at 9 months pregnant crawling into those beds to make them was NOT happening :)

IMG_6983 IMG_6984

See the missing closet door…add to the project list!


Collin’s room is pretty much done.  Maybe a little more decorating but we’ll get to that eventually. 



See the spot that needs to be painted… That’s another project I need to get too.IMG_6989 IMG_6990

We went down to Cordele for Memorial Day weekend for our family reunion.  My mom won over Hayden by letting him get wet in the big fountain!! Don’t you love his little mohawk :)  IMG_7045 IMG_7046 IMG_7047  IMG_7049 

We’ve started getting in Papa’s pool in the evenings.  It’s been so hot you have to wait till after 7pm to play outside!


Hailey is loving the swimming. She will take her swimmes off and flip upside-down underwater. She is our water baby!  Jack is still leery about getting in. Papa or Daddy can hold him but he really doesn’t enjoy it.  Today he got in a raft and was much more comfortable. He loves the sprinkler so maybe he’ll eventually get in the pool… or not :) IMG_7039     IMG_7042


Here are some snapshots of story time before we put the big kids to bed.  I guess Collin had heard this story too many times…. he was a little bored.IMG_7120 IMG_7126 IMG_7127 IMG_7128 IMG_7129 IMG_7131

I’m loving my cuddle time with this baby.  I just want him to stay this small and soft forever.  I don’t care if I hold him for two hours to let him nap. It will be over so soon and I want to soak up every moment.

 IMG_7145 IMG_7150

He had his first apt. with the pediatrician last Friday.  All was good for being 3 1/2 days old.  He was already back up to his birth weight and still no signs of any jaundice.  We go back this Wed for his 2-week check-up.IMG_7151 IMG_7152

He’s been sleeping in his pack-n-play bassinet, but he recently took his first nap in his crib.IMG_7167 IMG_7168

June 13, 2010

Who Knew??

So over the years I’ve seen my share of “hospital” pictures that newborns get.  Hailey’s was taken in her isolate with the classic striped cap and blanket.  She must have been just born because her face was all greased up with that eye goop. Thank goodness the picture was complementary with our stay :)  Jack’s picture was a little better. We got to have him in an outfit and the lady just laid him on my bed and snapped a few shots. I bought the smallest thing they had… a big button you could pin on…  Collin on the other hand had awesome hospital pictures taken.  He was about 12 hrs old and the lady came in and just went to town.  I loved them so much I told Darren and my mom I didn’t want any flowers I just wanted the CD of these shots.  Well my mom still brought me flowers :)  I was going to wait to post these until after I made his birth announcement but lets face it… I may not get around to that for two months!!

IMG_7204 IMG_7208 IMG_7214 IMG_7216 IMG_7216-bw IMG_7218 IMG_7219 IMG_7219-bw IMG_7222 IMG_7224 IMG_7224-bw IMG_7228 IMG_7231 IMG_7231-bw IMG_7233 IMG_7245IMG_7237 IMG_7242  IMG_7247 IMG_7249

June 12, 2010

CMJ part 2

So here are more pictures from Collin’s arrival.

IMG_7061IMG_7063  IMG_7062IMG_7067IMG_7068

My dad brought Hailey and Jack to meet him about 20min after he was born. They came barreling in the room so excited and ready to see this baby that mommy had been telling them about for the past 9 months.  Sometimes I don’t think they believed he was ever going to get here!    

    IMG_7070 IMG_7071  IMG_7073

Fun little tid-bit about my three kids:  All of them were born on a Monday… and the day after an American day of remembrance.  Hailey-- Dec. 8th (day after Pearl Harbor Day) Jack-- Sept. 12th (Day after 9-11) and now Collin—June 7th (day after D-Day, invasion on Normandy)    Weird Huh?!?

IMG_7074 IMG_7076 IMG_7077 IMG_7078  IMG_7080  IMG_7082 IMG_7083 IMG_7084 IMG_7085  IMG_7087 IMG_7088 

About an hour later it was time for Collin to head to the nursery for his bath.  The kids and my dad and Darren went with him.


It must be 90* in those nurseries… I love how they get all stretched out when they are warm and toasty!


Collin loves his hands and tries so very hard to sooth himself with them.  He has found his thumb a few times on his own.  Trying to keep him swaddled is a joke right now!

IMG_7097    IMG_7101 

We keep trying the paci too

IMG_7103    IMG_7108