March 17, 2011

Baby Tricks


So Collin is learning lots of new tricks these days.  He does the eye squinting thing. He’s actually done it for quiet a while but now does it at the camera!!

IMG_8000IMG_8006IMG_8007He LOVES bath time! IMG_8013

I always have plenty of helpers :)IMG_8014

Don’t ya love that old man comb over?!IMG_8015

Collin had his tear duct surgery one month ago.  Here are just a few pics right before he went in.  He did great and had his check up today.  Everything looks good!!About to have eye surgeryEye Surgery

Eye Surgery

IMG_8020You can kind of see his black eye in these two shots… it really wasn’t bad at all.IMG_8024

Here are the three little boys:

Collin, Reid, and Isaac


All the ‘Peaches’ got together last month.  So much fun and much needed!  We all had boys in a little over a year. L to R. Me & Collin, Tabby & Jeb, Sarah & Reid, Amber & Isaac.


Here’s another one of Collin’s tricks!  He started doing this last week.  It makes my heart jump in my throat the first time I see my babies standing in their cribs.  Adorable and sad… why is he growing up so fast??Standing in Crib

He had a great check up this month.  9 months,  19 lbs., 27 3/4 in. (25% both height & weight)IMG_8060

Passed out in Daddy’s arms












Next trick:  Driving Grandma and Papa’s car :)

Driving Grandma's carIMG_8066IMG_8067

Going down the slide with PapaIMG_8068IMG_8069

Jack and Daddy swingingIMG_8072IMG_8073

Hailey and Collin riding in the wagon.IMG_8074IMG_8071IMG_8070IMG_8075IMG_8076