February 19, 2011

Florida Trip

Jack has PACT day each month at school where the parents are invited to come in for an activity.  Collin was enjoying story time with his big brother.Collin visiting Jack's classOkay… now not so much!IMG_7974They made bird feeders out of rice cakes and peanut butter.making bird feedersIMG_7976IMG_7977Collin took his first trip to Florida at the end of January.  My Memaw passed away and we all went down for her funeral.  On the way down we stopped for a snack…. Papa got to feed baby some ice cream.Ice Cream stop/ 1st FL tripGot Dairy-Queen?ice cream mustacheTime to clean up that messIMG_7983IMG_7984We spent lots of time out at my cousin Wendi’s house.    Hailey and Jack had a blast playing with her two kids.  Blake and Bailee are 4yrs. old.  Hailey also discovered Just Dance and LOVED it!!Just Dance at Blake & Bailee'sIMG_7986IMG_7987Blake and Jack (who never took off the Buzz Lightyear wings!)Jack and BlakeIMG_7989Aunt Jackie, Collin, and Ms. BaileeAunt Jackie, Bailee and CollinIt was too cute watching them!!IMG_7992IMG_7993

My three and Hayden playing together during the viewingPlaying with HaydenIMG_7996

This is one of my favorites of Memaw with Hailey (2008)…. we were celebrating her birthday and Hailey had helped make her cake.  Picture 591

February 10, 2011

Happy Baby

I’ve got such a happy baby!!  And overalls are pretty cute!IMG_79207 months!IMG_7927IMG_7931Jack joined in to play.  He is such a great big brother (jealous, but super sweet)IMG_7929IMG_7934Hats are fun too… if he’ll leave them on. Thank goodness the ones he wears outside fasten under his chin (but he still manages to get them off)IMG_7939IMG_7941IMG_7942IMG_7966Collin is super happy about his new toy.  I noticed he was quite a jumper and went looking for one of these jumparoo thing a ma jigs…. IMG_7970IMG_7971

Loves it!!!

February 5, 2011

Brrrr!! It’s been cold!


Like most of the south we have had a COLD January (well now Feb. too!)  Here at the Johnson Squad we started off January with a Birthday celebration for my mom!! When Grandma came over for dinner we had a little winter wonderland set up in her honor!!IMG_7904IMG_7905Grandma and her babies: Collin, Jack, and HaileyGrandma's Birthday!IMG_7907We got hit with an ice storm that kept the kids out of school for two extra days.  The first day of it we were able to go out and kind of “play” but by the second day it was all ice.  Hailey spent the night with my parents so Jack had the backyard to himself.Snow Day!Baby icicles. IMG_7909Frozen crape myrtle.IMG_7910As of today Collin has cut six teeth… (this pic is almost three weeks old) I have this pose with all the kids showing off their pearly whites.First teeth!My big 7 month old has mastered sitting up.  He loves hanging out and playing with his toys.Sitting up ! 7MonthsIMG_79177 months

The following week was Jack’s turn to spend the night at Grandma and Papa’s.  This is how he came out of his room after he packed!!  He’s got all his bears, like 7 of them in there!Off to Grandma's House