June 13, 2011

Collin’s 1st Birthday


My baby is one!  I’m happy/sad…. We have had a rough week too.  He woke up on his birthday (7th) sick.  His one year check up turned into just a sick visit to try to keep him hydrated.  By Saturday he was well enough to have his party, but since then we’ve had a little relapse…. We are on day 7 so I’m praying this will soon have run it’s course.  Here are the pics from his special day.  We shared it with Reid.  His birthday is on the 16th.  It was lots of fun!!

p.s. Hailey and Darren were there, just no pictures!  Once Collin feels better we’ll try for some more.

IMG_8337IMG_8339Collin's 1st birthday party!Reid and CollinIMG_8346IMG_8347IMG_8349IMG_8352IMG_8353IMG_8355IMG_8356IMG_8358IMG_8360IMG_8361IMG_8363IMG_8370IMG_8368

June 1, 2011

Reunion 2011


Our family reunion has been going on since the 70’s as far as I know.  It’s my maternal great grandmother (grandma’s mom)  and all her siblings. This was a shot of all the Frys that attended this year.  We get together on Sunday morning and have a church service and then a big lunch.  My Aunt SueSue and Uncle Jimmy hosted it this year.  They did a great job. Everything was wonderful!

The Frys!

Grandaddy and Grandma with their four great grandbabies.All the Greats

Jack, Blake, Collin, Bailee, and Hailey with Papa/Uncle Mo.  Blake and Bailee are my cousin Wendi’s kids (my dad’s side) Whenever we have the reunion in Florida my dad’s sisters try to come to it.  We were surprised to see these two and so glad they came!!Stout Cousins

Grandma and Heather playing corn hole IMG_8310

Levi, Uncle Mike, Aunt Pat and AngelicaIMG_8311

Grandaddy, Hayden, and Uncle RonnieIMG_8314

Mom and Aunt SueSue.  Not sure what this was but Hayden saw them and said “L-E-phant!”IMG_8315IMG_8316IMG_8317

So tired!  He didn’t nap at all that day, but was so pleasant.IMG_8318IMG_8319

Hailey and Erick got in the pool as soon as our picnic was over and stayed there for at least 5 hours!!  A couple of breaks to potty and eat was only out of necessity.IMG_8320IMG_8321


Collin’s hair loved the Florida weather too.  His little curls were too cute!IMG_8333IMG_8334