August 28, 2008

I'm So Excited!!

I've been waiting for this weekend for a long time!! Two of my very bestest girlfriends and their families are coming here for a visit!! Amber (red shirt) and Tabby (back right) moved last year and we miss them so much. We keep intouch almost everyday and I just can't wait to see them! As soon as we found out that Amber was pregnant we immediately decided that we would have a "Georgia Girls Baby Shower" for her and picked Labor Day weekend for the travel time. And now it's here!! They should arrive tomorrow and the shower is Saturday afternoon. It's going to be a great weekend.

Goofing off last New Year's Eve!

L to R: Me, Sarah, Amber, Tabby, Dawn, Andrea

This was later that January when we had Tabby's send off before she left for VA. Our kids are even excited to see each other! They are all great friends and we are going to take them all to Chuck E. Cheese Saturday night for lots of family fun! I don't know who's more excited....the kids or their dad's?!?!

I promise to post lots of pics of our fun filled weekend! Please pray for every one's safe travels! Tabby is coming from VA and Amber is coming from FL.

August 26, 2008

30 Day Book Giveaway!!

I just found a blog called A Peek At My Bookshelf and during the month of September she is giving away a book a day!! And by posting a shout-out on your own blog you get entered in a special $30 gift card prize to a bookstore of your choice!! So click on the logo above and check it out! All the rules are posted and make sure to leave a comment so you can get entered in the drawing :-)

August 25, 2008

Classmates from the past....

Do you ever wonder if you would have been attracted to your mate if you had known them in a different time?? I always think yes, of course...we're meant to be together. Well after I saw these I'm not so sure Darren or I would have looked at each other the way we do now :-} I was laughing out loud at 11 o'clock at night with no one else up while working on these!! It was sooo funny! Hope you enjoy a good laugh too at our expense :-}

Early 50's

Mid 50's

Early 60's

Early 70's

Late 70's

Early 80's

Mid 80's

Early 90's

Mid 90's

Late 90's

Of course, Darren and I did meet each other in the mid 90's (1996) if you don't count when I live here in the 80's (we don't remember each other then) and we looked so much better than those pictures :-)

If you 'yearbook' yourself make sure to leave a comment so I can see all your crazy pictures too!!

August 23, 2008

New Blog Buddy!!

I have a new blog buddy to introduce!! Ms. Jennifer started a blog today. She was Jack and Hailey's K-2 teacher at CUMC preschool and we love her bunches. She is also Ben's mommy and he is such a fun little man!! Her only downfall is that she is an Auburn Fan ;-} Go check out her blog and leave her a note :-)

August 22, 2008

Pizza Day and Water Day!

I finally fixed Hailey's curtains this week :-) I found her a new curtain rod with little purple butterflies on it. She wants us to paint her room pink so maybe after Labor Day weekend we can get started on that project. Here's a closer look at the top of the curtains and the rod. I also hung up her little peg board to hang her bookbag on. It's been broken for a while...during one of her temper tantrums she managed to pop the hooks off the back. Hopefully it'll last longer this time :-)
Pizza Day
Jack's class had pizza day on Thursday. They got to make pizzas in honor of their letter of the week 'P' and their shape of the month 'circle'. Ralston liked his pizza and ate it...Jack however didn't....I guess only triangle shaped pizza will do for him!

Water Day

They had water day on Wednesday (busy week!). It was great weather to be outside and enjoy some fun water toys!! Don't you love my baby's little Buddha-belly?!? I think he was trying to make a motor boat noise or something...This was such a cool toy! It was like a little pond full of tunnels and islands to drive your boats around in. Jack really enjoyed this. He wasn't into splashing in the bigger pool and getting soaked. (Big Surprise!)Here's Ralston with his FAVORITE water gun ever!! Love the tongue...super concentration mode.Jack didn't want to get too much sun on the sweet little belly so he put his shirt back on and hit the swings.And tried his skills at the bubble table... Blowing as hard as he can!!
Here's Sammie!! She was in Jack's class last year too. So funny!This is Miranda...she was in his class last year, not this year. She always waves to him in the hall! Such a cutie...I don't think she wanted to get wet either!Snack time!! Ms. Amber gave everybody Popsicles to cool off! Ralston and Jack enjoying their treats!
More kids from Jack's class. There is 10 this year. Ralston and Caleb staking out their next victims :-) Caleb was in the boy's class last year too and all three have become great little buddies!!