April 23, 2010

32 Weeks

Updated belly timeline. 32 weeks and counting... sometimes I feel like we are almost there... other days, most days I feel like 8 weeks is a REALLY long time :) I need one of those grabber stick things so I can tidy up my floors... bending over is pretty much saved for absolute necessities. You can totally see the baby moving from the outside of my belly now. The kids think it is so cool to watch it move! I'm carrying quite high so any slouching is quickly stopped with a big kick!  We are doing a big room change this weekend with the kids. I originally thought of putting baby in the room with Jack, but it was way too crowded. So now we are off to buy bunk beds and Jack is moving in with Hailey. I know he is not super thrilled with giving up his room for a little while (till both boys can be in the bunk beds) I guess the "Middle Child" syndrome is starting and he can mark this down as reason #1.

April 12, 2010

Easter 2010

Jack had an egg hunt at school the week before Easter. Despite the look on his face… he really had a good time! Loved holding the bunny… talked about it for days. Did an awesome job finding eggs… I think he was just very intense, no playing around when it comes to collecting candy!collage egg huntThere was and egg hunt at our church that weekend. As always it was a great event.   IMG_6755edit

My kids are moving way too fast for this pregnant momma to keep up with. I don’t think I’d have been able to even if I wasn’t !IMG_6761editIMG_6759edit  IMG_6762editYou can tell how proud he was of his loot by that little smirk on his face! IMG_6763editPapa hung out on the swing.  Allyson (center) was a little shy of Mr. Bunny (it was her dad!) At one point there were quite a few kids over there… Papa was helping them open their candy!!! edit swing

Wow… two posts in one day.  That hasn’t happened in ages.  This nesting energy must really be kicking in. Maybe I’ll get a few more weeks out of it before I hit the “I’m miserable” stage.


This picture has nothing to do with the post title, but I was checking my email…looked over and saw this RARE site :) My kids played together so good over Spring Break. They really enjoyed each other’s company and I HAD to catch this moment…despite the bed heads and pajamas (or lack of!) IMG_6778 Now…as for Spring…

It is beautiful here, yet there is this unbelievable layer of pollen everywhere!!! I really want it to go away… I’ve itched my eyes so badly I don’t think I have any eyelashes left :) IMG_6768We have three Cherry Blossom tress in our backyard.  They are done blooming now, but I snapped these pics while they were looking their best. IMG_6769 IMG_6773IMG_6774This Sunday we woke up late for Bible class (I set the alarm for 6:45p.m. instead of a.m.!) I knew when I woke up on my own and felt so rested that I had slept way too long!

Therefore… we didn’t have enough time to make it to class but a little extra time to get ready for church… (Picture Time!!) 

I took quite a few of Hailey and Jack together and either she was in a daze or he had his eyes closed… but this one was the best :) Our azaleas busted this weekend (more pollen!) But they are so very pretty!! IMG_6781editWe had a really great weekend (Daddy was finally home!)  We really miss him when he has to work so much, but he is a great police man and we love him for working so hard to take care of us! (and keep us safe from bad guys – my kid’s words)IMG_6783editWe love our funny face pictures!  It’s a great way to entice them to just take a couple more good ones.IMG_6784editI so should have borrowed Darren’s sunglasses! Between my allergies and the 5lbs of cheeks you can barely see my eyes :) lol! Oh well… only 9 weeks left!! I know this shot isn’t a profile, but we’ll make it my 31 week picture. I passed my glucose test, got my Rhogam shot (I’m o neg, Darren’s a pos. You have to get these during and right after pregnancy) Now we are on the two week visits to the doc.! That’s always a milestone. Yay!IMG_6785editI absolutely love Hailey in this picture!!  IMG_6786edit