June 30, 2009

Trying to catch up...

My two little ones have been playing together surprisingly well this summer.  They have their moments...don't get me wrong.  One of their new favorite things to do is set up a make believe "Night at the Museum."  They watched the movie a few weeks ago and LOVE it!! We ordered it from Netflix and they won't let me send it back! We may have to purchase this one.Picture 061

If you've seen the movie you know about the big dinosaur!  It sits in front of the information desk... (can you see their desk?)Picture 060

We also got to spend some time at the hospital.  My mom had some issues with her blood pressure.  She is currently under a new doctor's care and getting her thyroid checked. (They found a spot on one while she was there)

Jack loved sitting in Grandma's bed... it had the best view of the T.V.

Picture 062 Picture 063

We brought Grandma some flowers and the kids picked out the little balloons.  I grabbed her personal items from her house like p.j.'s  perfume, magazines... all the essentials!  As a joke I brought a picture of her puppy... having no clue that she would be there for 4 days!! Her poor dog thought she was never coming home.  He would run around the car when my dad would come home and get up on his hind legs to try to see in the drivers seat :(Picture 065 Picture 066 Picture 068 

I had to get this shot because they are hardly ever this close to each other and not making silly faces!! They are in a Spongebob coma :)

Picture 069 Picture 071 Picture 072

When they got bored we broke out the crayons and let them color on paper towels!  We also went on many elevator rides.  Jack finally concurred his fear of elevators.  He was holding the handrail for dear life, but he wanted to do it over and over.  Picture 074

Darren even got to come hang out due to the "Family Emergency"  He stayed with Mom while we went to get dinner.  They watched COPS together!!Picture 076

Father's Day got kind of downplayed due to the circumstances.  We went to visit Grandma after church.  I thought this was a precious picture of Darren trying to fix Jack's tie before we went into her room.  We ended up taking Daddy and Papa to lunch to celebrate their day.Picture 077 

And just a quick shoutout about how HOT it has been.  Don't leave things in your car like pets, kids, and crayons!!  They will all melt!Picture 080Picture 079 

Last week was VBS so I will post about that next.  Hope everyone has a great rest of the week.

June 12, 2009

The A-B-C's of Me

My blog buddy, Amber at" I'm Here "(not to be mistaken with this Amber) Did this post earlier today and I really liked it. I don't have anything else to really blog about so I'm joining in. Feel free to do one too and go read her's!!

A -Age: 27

B -Bed size: queen

C -Chore you hate: Laundry

D -Donuts or Kolaches: Donuts

E -Essential start your day item: email

F -Favorite color: blue

G -Gold or Silver: silver

H -Height: 5'8"

I -Instruments you play: played the flute 6th-11th grade

J -Jokes or Rhymes: jokes

K -Kids: 1 girl, 1 boy, 1 man

L -Living arrangements: 3bed/2bath house around the corner from grandma's

M -Movie: Up was the last "new" movie I saw.

N -Nicknames: My mom calls me Lucy

O-Overnight hospital stays: after having each baby.

P -Pet Peeve: Loud nail biting

Q -Quote you like: You get what you get and you don't throw a fit (Jack's new favorite)

R -Right or left handed: Left

S -Siblings: 1 brother (8yrs younger)

T -Time you wake up: 7 weekdays. (during school) Summer is whenever!

U -Underwear: Cotton

V -Vegetable you dislike: Brussels Sprouts

W -Ways you run late: Over sleeping, Not allotting enough time to get kids ready

X -X-rays you've had: Arm...broke it while rollerskating in middle school

Y -Yummy food you make: I don't cook often enough, but I can make a yummy Chicken tortilla lasagna

Z -Zodiac sign: Libra

Check out this Site!

Southern Savers is my one stop blog when it comes to getting ready to go grocery shopping. It is an awesome site that links me to all the coupons, (or tells me what paper they were in) and has really taught me how to shop smarter! Publix is my favorite!! I easily save over 60% each visit. Now I just need to get as good as Amber!! Right now S.S. is doing a celebratory giveaway in honor of it's 1st Birthday!!! A $50 gift card to the store of your choice!! So go check it out!

June 10, 2009

We Fed the Gooses!

Last week we headed out to a little pond behind the police department to see if any of the geese were there.  I had a bag of rolls that needed to go and the kids had been asking about feeding them for a couple of days.

Hailey was getting so close to the edge.  She loved every minute of it and was talking to all of them. FotoFlexer_Photo48

This guy decided to come right out of the water to get his piece!FotoFlexer_Photo49

Grandma and Papa met us there with their bag of bread.  Jack had fun looking for the little turtles and fish that were also enjoying the treats.FotoFlexer_Photo50  FotoFlexer_Photo53

Picture 056

There were a few ducks too. The geese kind of bullied them so they stayed up on the hill and we threw bread to them up there.FotoFlexer_Photo52


It was a great way to spend the evening... I'm sure we'll go back this week.  Because their might be new Gooses!!FotoFlexer_Photo55

June 4, 2009


Just a quick explination on Darren's recent Sgt. exam that he passed. I think some of you may have thought that he now 'made' Sgt. Actually he is now able to apply for the position since he passed the exam (which is awesome!) And since he has his degree (not many cops do) and has the top arrests made two years in a row (and top this year so far too) I'm hoping he just might be able to do it!! Interviews will be sometime soon... I'll let everybody know how it goes.

June 3, 2009

Did you miss me?!?!

So I know I've been M.I.A. from blog-world for almost a month! Don't worry...I'm all caught up on all your stuff...just not wanting to blog about mine. My children are wonderful, but sometimes you just get in a funk and I was in one. And blogging about our 'happy wonderfulness' just didn't seem right to me =)

So... to get you all caught up on what's been going on I'll try to tell you in pictures:

Since the last time we talked the baby chicks went from this:Picture 035

To this!Picture 240

Jack became a photographer. His subjects are usually unaware he is taking their pictures. You can tell he is such a boy.....Picture 212 Picture 230

At least he took a picture of his friend's face!Picture 215

And of course, a serious self portrait.Picture 232

Our backyard got a transformation. Jack stood there for two hours while two contractors worked hard.Picture 001

Now our playground is open for business! Picture 057

Since the last time we talked.... Hailey got 'engaged' to Gage. He's in her class at school.Picture 003

She also became a professional strawberry picker! It was a great field trip... the best strawberries I have ever had! Picture 011

Jack went from his 1st day of K-3: Picture 435

To his last day! Such a big boy:

Picture 016

We celebrated by having a luau style graduation, then ice cream with all our friends!!Picture 021

Here he is doing his luau dance =) It was too cute!Picture 031

Hailey went from her 1st day of Pre-K:Picture 407

To her last. (we were running late so I had to take the picture in the school hallway!) She also couldn't bring her bookbag to school, but teacher gifts are a must for us =)

Picture 046

To celebrate they had an ice cream party the day before school got out with all the parents invited. We all got to decorate our own sundaes!! GummyWorms... YUM!Picture 040

I think Jack's having a little brain freeze here.Picture 039

Here are a couple pictures of her with some buddies...Picture 044 Picture 045

And last but not least....

Since the last time we talked... this awesome policeman took his Sergeants exam for the first time ever and PASSED it!!! WOO-HOO!Picture 029

p.s. I forgot to add... Since we last talked Darren and I went from being married 7 years to 8 years!! No picture though...