December 14, 2010

My blog is like my laundry pile….

Why you ask is my blog like my laundry pile…. well I get so behind that the task seems unmanageable.  The pile of pictures just gets bigger and bigger…. if only I did a little “load” everyday the chore wouldn’t seem so bad! Oh well… I finally got all the clothes put away that were taking up ALL the space on my couch so tonight I will work on pictures :)

Since I’m a month behind

This was one of his very first foods.  As you can see most came out.  He is doing fabulous now and loving pretty much anything you feed him.

Collin's first food 5 months oldIMG_7725

We finally have gotten rid of all the Halloween candy, Christmas is on the way though! Hailey was very systematic about her stash!Organizing her candy stash!

Just thought this was cute… These two are best buddies.IMG_7724

I took these for Collin’s 5 month photos.  Is it sad that he is now 6 months old and has yet to have any professional photos taken?? (besides the ones in the hospital)

Don’t you love his Police Man shirt?!?!

5 months oldIMG_7717IMG_7720

Snoozing with Papa.


We went on our annual trip to Clayton, GA to see my Grandparents for Thanksgiving.  We had a wonderful time!


Collin and Grandma-Great.

IMG_7732IMG_7732 (2)IMG_7736

The boys and their toys…

Target PracticeIMG_7738IMG_7740IMG_7742

Grandaddy-Great and Collin

IMG_7746IMG_7746 (2)

The new red Jeep was a big hit! The kids went on so many adventures with Grandaddy-Great.  Can’t wait for our next visit.IMG_7750

Snapped this on the way home. Just melts me.IMG_7754IMG_7754 (2)

Next up… Hailey’s 7th Birthday (hopefully I’ll post it before Christmas!! HaHa!!)

November 11, 2010

Costumes and Halloween 2010

“cough, cough”… I’m blowing the dust off my blog!

Collin is starting to use his bigger towels at bathtime now.  Love this puppy dog one that Ms. Suzy gave him. He was looking at himself in the mirror!

IMG_7637Although a puppy would be a cute Halloween costume, Collin was a bat this year.  He was too cute!!

IMG_7652Hailey and Jack love posing with Grandma’s Witchy Witch.  Hailey was Ariel the Mermaid and Jack was the Black Spiderman (not to be confused with Venom….two different characters – he was very adamant about that!)

IMG_7643We were on our way to our church’s annual Trunk or Treat!!IMG_7644IMG_7646IMG_7655

Darren was working the evening of our Trunk or Treat, but he was able to come by for a little dinner before heading to work.


Hailey did some mattress surfing again! She loves it.  Darren got some video on his phone, I’ll try to get it posted. She was waving at us, talking and holding on all at the same time!!IMG_7658

My mom and Sarah went too!!! Thanks to Sarah for these pictures!37953_1594998387588_1014802029_1709118_43145_n73399_1594998787598_1014802029_1709121_6724731_n

They were COVERED in dirt… in their teeth and everything!!69853_1594999187608_1014802029_1709124_6284392_n

Papa and Collin


This year’s Jackolantern! We had three pumpkins but after this one took me two days of working on it because the kids abandoned me after a few cuts, I left the other two in tact!  Next year they are making their own…. none of this picking the picture they want and leaving mommy out to dry!!IMG_7666

Jack had a pumpkin painting project at school.  It was during his Parent and Child involvement time (sad that they have to have special time set aside for that) He had a blast and got more paint on him standing in line to wash his hands than he did during the activity!!

IMG_7679 IMG_7681IMG_7686


Jack was playing in the baby’s room while I was off doing some chores. I left Collin in his crib to hang out.  I stepped in to check on the boys and this is how I found him!  Jack ‘dressed’ him!!  It was too funny and so cute!


My sweet baby boy.  Could just eat him up!IMG_7696

On our actual night of trick or treating we headed over to a friend’s house for some food and fun.  Then we trick or treated in their neighborhood and walked over to another friend’s house for a Haunted Back Yard!!!

It was so much fun and ‘most’ of the kids loved it!!

Here is Surgeon Dawn preforming an organ retrieval from Mike!!IMG_7704IMG_7705

October 9, 2010

4 months old

4 months

Collin is 4 months old now

He is such a momma’s boy! Loves, LOVES to be held and I totally give in!

16lbs 1 oz  &  25 inches

I just love him to pieces and he has brought so much joy to our home.  I love how his brother and sister take care of him and can not go to sleep until they have covered him in kisses!

October 6, 2010

The Tooth Fairy came to our house!

So before I get to our exciting news here are a few ‘Sunday Morning’ pictures.  In honor of Fall we all wore brown to church last week! Perfect for getting a picture together.

Baby looks like a stiff board in this one! He loves to stand up.IMG_7563 editIMG_7564 edit IMG_7566 edit   IMG_7565IMG_7567  Hailey FINALLY lost her first tooth!!  She’s three months shy of being 7, but one finally came out!! She was so excited. Pulled it out herself at school, during circle time so that she had the most attention as possible!!1st lost tooth! I was caught off guard and quickly whipped up this pillow for her to put her tooth in (heart pocket).  She helped me and loves it.  The tooth fairy came and left $2.  IMG_7576 edit