August 6, 2011

Back To School Already?!?

Yep! We have been back to school for a week now! August 1st!!! Can’t start any earlier than that can you?!?  My kids were ready though. We have had a horribly HOT Summer and they were tired of sitting around the house. Playing outside was not much of an option around here these past couple of months. Thankful for our trip up to the mountains where it was much cooler! So here ya go! First day pictures~~~

First Day of KindergartenKindergarten!!!First Day of 2nd Grade!!!2011-2012IMG_8556IMG_8557IMG_8558This is what I've delt with all Summer! :)

And while the kids have been at school I have been enjoying my one on one time with Collin again.  We are done nursing as of about two weeks ago. He did wonderful during the transition and is loving his new milk (the other two never liked whole milk). He’s also FINALLY sleeping through the night!!  This is him with a Fireman hat on (he loves the ones from Firehouse Subs!)


And I have a new love.



It is awesome.

You will get addicted.

You must check it out.