January 4, 2011

Christmas Vacation

Have I told you lately how much I love this baby!?!


We took the kids to Walk thru Bethlehem this year.  It is done by a local church and it is really a great experience.   It’s all about life in Bethlehem when Jesus was born.

Walk thru Bethleham

Walk thru BethlehamIMG_7828IMG_7829


Roman Solider at Walk thru Bethleham

Later that week we made some gingerbread houses at with Grandma at her house.

gingerbread housesIMG_7851

Jack’s roof did not want to stay on!  We eventually let it fall and he just ate it.  That’s what he wanted to do all along anyway!!


About two days before Christmas Hailey decided she wanted Daddy to take her training wheels off…  She is doing really good and pretty soon will be going faster than we can keep up!

No Training Wheels!IMG_7856IMG_7857IMG_7858

Jack even gave it a try but DID NOT want Daddy to let go just yet. IMG_7861

Christmas 2010

The kids were moving so fast my camera couldn’t keep up!


Collin had a great first Christmas!  He loved checking out all his new stuffIMG_7867

The cat loves this toy as well because of the balls going round and round!IMG_7868

I caught Hailey finishing off Santa’s cookies!IMG_7869

Loving his new Cookie Monster and Elmo (well he likes the tags better)IMG_7871IMG_7872

Helping Collin open a gift.IMG_7873IMG_7875

Jack loves his new color changing cars from Grandma and Grandaddy- Great!IMG_7878

And Hailey got a Tinkerbell music box from them that she LOVES!IMG_7880

Peek – a – boo!


Opening presents at Grandma and Papa’s house!IMG_7884

Collin was having so much fun!!!IMG_7887IMG_7888-1

We wrapped Bubba’s gift in seven layers!!  It was money so we made him work for it!!IMG_7889IMG_7890IMG_7897IMG_7898-2011

December Days

I told you I wouldn’t get to this before Christmas! LOL!!

We had a little snow on Hailey’s birthday. The kids were so excited!!! It only stuck to the patio table, but for them it made their day!


Hailey took this picture of Collin and I.  You can’t really see the snow, oh well!


This year there was a lighted parade that Hailey’s Daisy troop was in.  She had a blast!  They walked a really long time and it was SUPER cold.

Centerville Xmas Parade


Daisy Troop in Xmas Parade


The next day was Hailey’s birthday party.  She had a Polar Express theme!

On the train comparing their tickets.

Polar Xpress Train


Darren came before he had to go into work.  He was our “conductor”.



We were fortunate enough to have our very own Librarian  to read the story! HAHA!


Hailey passed out sleigh bells to everyone.


Collin had a good time too.


The kids made paper chains to count down to Christmas.


And sparkly door knockers


We had a hot chocolate bar that included marshmallows, chocolate chips, candy canes, whipped cream, and sprinkles!


My big 7yr. old!

IMG_7806 (2)






Collin got his first taste of ice cream from Papa!  There’s no going back now!!

1st Ice Cream!

Grandma made it to the party.  This was her first outing after her neck surgery…. She is doing wonderful now, out of the brace and starting back to work this week.

1st outing after surgery... :(

Hailey received so many nice gifts… Lots of art stuff that she is thoroughly enjoying!