May 23, 2010

Video's of some of the K4 graduation.  Sorry for the jumpyness... we were way in the back so I'm zooming a lot... the littest movement made a big difference. Darren got to sneak in since it was right at the begining of his shift.
Hailey kept giving Jack thumbs up - He responded each time :)  After the program they all got little diplomas and then we had refreshments.  Real preK starts next year...all day long too! We have been going to this preschool for the past 4 years between Hailey and Jack. It's been great. If you're looking for one I would highly recomend it.

Some kindergarten songs...

Pease Porrige Hot, Pease Porrige Cold

May 22, 2010

Baby Shower (x2)

Last Saturday the ladies that teach cradle roll threw Sarah and I a baby shower!  We are both having boys and only due a week apart :) Plus we are super best friends so it worked out perfect! Andrea took pictures for us and here are some of them. I was very distracted trying to keep Hailey entertained. I thought she would enjoy coming but once we were there all she cared about was going outside to the lake!! After every present she’d ask if she could go and the cake and snacks didn’t keep her busy either. 

 Collin's baby shower


IMG_6900edit Ms. Anne made the cake and it was so good! She also hosted it at her house.IMG_6901edit IMG_6902edit

Here is Sarah… she was smart and didn’t come with kids :)IMG_6903 IMG_6910

The taggie blanket that Amber made!! Love it!!IMG_6913 IMG_6921 IMG_6923 IMG_6908 IMG_6928 

IMG_6932 IMG_6933

Hailey was showing Ms. Sarah how to work her duck washcloth!!IMG_6953

We should have gotten pictures with each other and with all our wonderful hostesses but like I said… super distracted :)  Oh well!!!

Last week was Jack’s last week of preschool.  Each day was ‘wacky’. Monday was Tacky day… this was his outfit!!

IMG_6960 IMG_6962

Tuesday he wore his dress shirt and tie Backwards! (I’ll have to recreate it and take a picture… Tuesday was crazy and I forgot the camera) Wednesday was ‘crazy hat’ day so he wore his Mickey mouse hat (not really crazy but he was cute)  And Thursday was graduation!!! Video’s of that are uploading now.. I’ll post them later.

May 15, 2010

Field Trips and Field Day

Do you see what I see?? This was our scary/surprise on the way to church one Wednesday night.  This tree sits on the right side of the road so as we were approaching it looked like a huge dear was about to cross the street… well after Darren slammed on the brakes this is what we saw!!! I guess the people want everyone to stop speeding down their street…great way to get everyone’s attention. (it only stayed up that day but my kids are still looking for it every time we drive by)

The last week in April Jack’s class took a Field trip to Dauset Trails.  It’s a great nature center full of animals native to our area. Plus it’s free! The weather was awesome that day. I was really worried about hiking in the heat and being 34 weeks preggers… but it turned cold!! We were all in hoodies!! Dauset Trails IMG_6812editWe saw bears, owls, eagles, otters, pigs, horses, goats, foxes, cougars, and more!Dauset TrailsDauset TrailsDauset Trails Dauset Trails    The best was when we came upon some Canadian Geese and their five goslings!  Too cute! Dauset Trails Dauset Trails Dauset Trails

On to Field Day!

Hailey’s school had their Field day this past Friday.  Darren and I took Jack and joined in the HOT fun!! Thank goodness it started at 9am, I was melting by 11am!  Can you tell I’m not loving the heat right now?!?!   Field Day Hailey did so good with all her events!! The kindergarteners all participated in different types of relay races… no 1st, 2nd, 3rd stuff, just lots of fun!

Love the tongue concentration!Field Day Field DayField Day

Jack took LOTS of pictures that day!  This was about the only one worth sharing ;) Too bad there isn’t nice sandy beaches under our feet! IMG_6879 Field Day

Just another set of  Sunday morning pictures outside…IMG_6789 IMG_6791