April 25, 2009

Girly Trip to Florida

Last weekend my mom and I ran away on a girls trip!! It was so much fun and much needed break! We went down to celebrate my cousin, Heather's baby shower.  The theme was teal and brown.  All the girls that hosted it did such a wonderful job. There was a piggy bank to put your change in for the baby and 'boo-boo bunnies' were the party favors!  Heather however almost didn't make it to her own shower due to complications... but the doctor's released her the night before and it wasn't until after that weekend that things got so serious.  Picture 111

The cakes were delicious and beautiful!Picture 115

This one was my favorite!! Heather said she wished her boobs looked that good right now!!

Picture 118

This guy is Tucker. He 'hosted' the party! Such a sweet puppy and would give anything for you to rub his paw!! Picture 117

There was over 45 guests there!  Heather did great, but we kept telling her to sit down ;) And at multiple times we all did a round of blood pressure checks!

 Picture 119

This is Giselle, Jason's mom. She is the new Grandma.  The shower was also at her house...it was beautiful.Picture 122

And here is the brand new Nana, my Aunt Sue-Sue (in the yellow)!!Picture 133 

Picture 139

Heather was so excited and after the shower she said the baby could come whenever because she had everything she needed!   Well... he only waited 6 days later!  Picture 135

I'm so going back to Florida as soon as I can. 

Hayden Blaze Wolf 039

Pictures of Hayden!!!

My mom got to talk to Heather today and baby boy is such a trooper! He is breathing on his own! Such a little cutie!! Can't wait to get back down to Florida and get my hands on him!

April 24, 2009

Prayers Please *Update*

So I haven't even had time to put up my pictures from my trip to Florida last weekend for my cousin Heather's baby shower and she's gonna have the baby. She's only 33 weeks along but has been struggling with high blood pressure for a few months now. This week it has gotten out of control and her doctor handed her over to a high risk doctor. After an extremely rough day yesterday they decided to take the baby this afternoon. He should have already made his arrival although I haven't heard from them yet. Please pray that Heather's health returns once the delivery is made and that little Hayden can be strong for this early delivery.
Hayden arrived at 4lbs 1oz and 17in long. So far Mommy and baby are doing as well as to be expected. I will so post pictures as soon as I get some :) Please continue to pray that his little lungs are developed (Heather received steroid shots a few weeks ago to try to speed up the development in case this was to happen)

April 22, 2009

Egg Hunt and Easter Sunday 2009

We had a great Easter weekend as I said in my last post, but here are the pictures to prove it!

We had an egg hunt at church for the kids the Saturday before.  There was fried chicken, all kinds of sides and desserts! After eating lunch the kids got to play pin the 'cotton tail' on the bunny while all the dads went out to hide the eggs.Picture 049

Hailey and her friend, Noah, won!!Picture 053 Picture 055

Then the kids got busy doing some egg crafts. Picture 051 Picture 057 

                                 Alright...the dads say it's time!                                 (LtoR) Darren, Uncle Bubba, and AricPicture 060

They are so excited!! Look at Sage's smile :)Picture 061

Here comes Riley!Picture 062

Sage, Hailey, and Jack!Picture 063

But wait! Everybody stop!! The Easter Bunny is on his way!!Picture 066

Jack found a Golden Egg!!  It had some $$ in it!! Awesome!Picture 070

They all had so much fun and loaded up on candy filled eggs.Picture 071

This shot is so "Little House on the Prairie"  (thanks Amber)April 118

Peace and a wink!!Picture 076

Something amazing just happened... Jack and Ralston just discovered that there are clothes under that bunny costume...and the head doesn't look attached!April 127

And look...there's a zipper!!  I wonder what would happen if I pulled it?!?! (we had to stop him!)April 128

                      Back: Amber, Andrea, Sarah, Heather                        Front: Lita. Me, Bunny, DawnPicture 081

Sage being a great BIG sister giving Noah a push!Picture 082

Uncle Bubba and Papa Steve giving Sage and Noah some pushes...April 150

Uncle Bubba and Jack.

April 156  

Easter morning  was in one word...RUSHED.  The kids hit their baskets while I snapped a few pictures. The Monsters vs. Aliens toys were the big hit of the morning!! Then we all quickly got ready for bible class and as each child got ready I tossed them in the backyard to try to take their picture....forget taking them together this year... just not enough time allotted.

Here is sweet Hailey in her Easter dress.Picture 102

And you all know my sweet Jack? Well he was highly upset that I would not let him hold the blue monster in his picture that the Easter bunny brought him.... I promised to give it back!! He showed me! Look at that face?!?!Picture 103 Picture 104

But his suit was precious. He loved wearing it and Hailey told him he looked like a daddy!

April 14, 2009

It's Been A While...

Sorry It's been so long since I've posted.  We've been on Spring Break and Darren has been working a lot so I just haven't wanted to sit down and blog... I have been reading yours though!

Hailey held her promise and took Papa to Zen's Hibachi restaurant for his birthday.  She was so excited the entire day... Jack on the other hand wanted to take Papa to Monkey Joe's =)  Picture 007 Picture 014

Papa got to blow out his candle while we all sang Happy Birthday!Picture 017

The day after school got out for spring break Hailey's teacher brought over the baby chicks!! They are so cute and make such sweet sounds. But they really stink! We kept them at my mom's for a few days until 'the boys' got back from their trip.Picture 025 Picture 021

We'd go over everyday to feed, water or clean their box. Hailey and Jack named them.... Spiderman, Sandman, Sleeping Beauty, Fiona, Jasmine... I have now idea if they could tell them apart. My dad suggested putting a little dot of Halloween hair dye on their backs to tell them apart!  We decided not to.Picture 023

Dudlee however thought they were awesome toys that he was not allowed to touch. He scratched at the box, barked at them and would wake up my dad in the middle of the night to go 'potty' and end up just standing at the laundry door wanting to go see the chicks!! We let him smell them but he didn't know how to be gentle enough, one little play nip and it would be over.Picture 024

On Wednesday the chicks went to 'the boys' farm!! They made it to their final destination.  Now they are really living the life in the outdoors. They've got chicken wire around and area of an old dog pen. (not longer in use!)  They just walk around... and when it rained... they went in the doghouse!!! I wish I could have gotten a picture of that!

Picture 035

Easter was so much fun for us!! We had a surprise visit from the Bramletts  and as usual it was wonderful.  They were able to join us for our church egg hunt and I will post those pics later.  For now I'll leave you with pictures of us getting ready for the egg hunt....

I made these cupcakes

Picture 048

Jack tried out a new hairstyle while taking a bath!!

Picture 036 Picture 037 

Egg hunt pics will follow soon!

April 2, 2009

Autism Awareness Day

Celebrate World Autism Day!
Here is a great post from one of my blog buddies... Her oldest son, Connor, has Aspergers too.
Remember all month long is Autism Awareness Month! Take a little time to learn a little bit more...