February 27, 2008

As Promised....

I found the Halloween picture from 1997 of Darren and I as a dead bride and groom!! I had just turned 16 and he was 17!! We were at a church scavenger hunt. The best part was when we drove up to the hospital and I ran up to the door because we needed a red ink pen....the lady at the desk thought I was really hurt :-) I guess that wasn't the smartest place for us to stop but that year each group had a specific area they were made to stay in. And remember that was my mom's wedding dress....after that night of running around looking for odd items around town it had seen it's day, had had fake blood stains on it :-)
Now back to the present day...
This is what the old lights looked like on the front of the house. There were three of them. Yesterday Darren got busy putting up new ones.Here he is hard at work!And here are the new lights! Much better looking, don't you think?!? While we put the lights up the kids played out in the driveway. We made hopscotch and drew ourselves with chalk. Lots of fun!Hailey showed Jack how to jump on the hopscotch :-)"See, like this Jack...come on"Enough of the chalk...now on to the 3-wheelers...they love the cul-de-sac! So here is Jack's room so far...

He needs a dresser and some other toy holder thingy
And here is Hailey's room...we got her some new curtains...but they are not up yet.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!!

February 26, 2008

Harley Kids

I decided it was time to have the kids try on their Harley jackets that they got last Christmas. They were both too big for them so we didn't wear them last year. Well now they fit :-) And are too cute!! Here are some pictures we took last night before we went to church and a little video. Jack was not very talkative, but I was determined to get him in a video! They wore them to church and everyone loved them. Hopefully we'll get a few more chances to wear them and maybe they'll still fit them next fall! This post is dedicated to Grandaddy-Great :-)

February 23, 2008

Best Blog Post of the Week.....

The best blog post of the week award goes too...... Amber!! Check it out if you haven't already, it's the greatest :-) She has made all of us so super happy!!!

February 21, 2008


  1. Answer each question.

  2. Take each answer and type it into Photobucket (http://www.photobucket.com/)

  3. Take any picture from the first page of results and post. (click on the picture and copy the HTML code) Don't explain, it's funnier that way!

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I tag: Amber, Dawn, Sarah, Andrea, Tabby, Jeanette, and Shannon

Just some pictures...

Dinning Room....we still haven't started hanging anything on the walls.
Living Room...we put the love seat on the wall that I'm standing up against and the entertainment center is across from the couch.
Breakfast-nook....no table yet...may be a while before we decide to get one. Doorway leads to foyer and Front door.
I'll get pics of the kids rooms and our room tomorrow!
We got a guy to fix our little things from our home inspection at the other house. He's going to take care of everything and should be done this weekend. All we have left is the termite letter and waiting for the appraisal.

February 19, 2008

Pictures of New House

Okay....so on Friday we got the keys to the house!! We were so excited and the kids were too!! They have been waiting and waiting to unpack their toys :-) I went over with our realtor the day before to do the final walk through and took some "before" pictures of the house completley empty. We moved in Saturday with lots of help from friends and family. THANK YOU GUYS!! I kept saying the whole time, "get out your camera and take some pictures" but it was busy and honestly it went kind of fast and I got absolutly zero from the actual moving party. Sorry... but I'd like to give special thanks to Mr. Bob, Mr. Tom, Dawn & Mike, Joe & Bry, my dad, mom, and brother, and of course Darren. They all worked hard and either helped with moving or the kids and both were very much needed!! Bry even drew crime scene images of my kids on the driveway with chalk and taught Hailey how to play hopscotch :-) Too cool!! So here are the pics of the house before and of the kids in the backyard the evening we bought the house. I'll post some "after" pics soon.....we're still unpacking and putting things up on walls so give me a few more days :-) But I promise it looks better with furniture!
This is the front of the house. We want to paint the door black and put up black shutters...The front windows are Hailey and Jack's rooms.

Of course this is the garage....front of house also...

Okay....this is the living room. The fire place is growing on me. The morter is so dark but I'm getting used to it. We've already changed out the old screen and when it's not the only thing in the room to look at it's not so BOLD :-)The Dinning Room is off the back of the Living room and that is the door to the backyard. Here is the kitchen. We had to buy a new fridge, it wasn't here in these pictures. We plan on getting a new dishwasher soon... I love the floors and the countertops are not white!! yea!! I could not stand seeing every tea spot or red juice spot!!This is the breakfast nook. I don't have a breakfast table so right now it's just space for us. Okay people...remember this house was built in 1977! Here is my retro blue bathroom :-) So far everyone that has come over likes the floor! But I think the toilet and counter/sink are going to have to go...along with the blue tub!This is our master bedroom...the kids rooms are a good size too. I'll just post a picture of their's once they get all cute :-) By the way...remember these are not my curtains :-)And last but not least.....the Harvest Gold master bath!!!! Can we say GROSSE?!?! Oh well, the rest of the house makes up for the bathrooms and we like projects and these will be two big ones!!This is a shot of the right side of the back yard. Those two trees are the ones the kids love to climb!Here they are like 5 min. after getting in the backyard! Already in the tree!Jack thinks this is sooo cool!Hailey has already spent hours just exploring her new little world out there! She just loves it. She is my little adventurer. We kind of had to help Jack "climb" the tree....his little legs are still too short :-)

So I will post more as we get a little more done each day. Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!! We are already half way to the weekend!! Oh and did I tell everyone the Darren took two weeks of holiday time to help us settle in?!? I'm in heaven right now. I mean.... I can take a shower whenever I want and however long I want ....it has been great :-) He so can not go back to working nights, heck...he can't go back at all....but wait we have to pay for all this so I guess he has to!

Our other house is going well too. We had our home inspection today and things went well. They didn't find anything major so we should be closing still by then end of this month!!