November 22, 2007

The Family Feast!

The kids had a wonderful time at their Family Fest last week at preschool. We brought mashed potatoes, mac-n-cheese, and for snack Hailey helped me make these peanut butter sandwich turkeys :-)
Grandma, Bubba, Mommy and Daddy were Hailey and Jack's guests. They decorated each table with crafts that the kids had done in class.

Hailey's class made little Indian outfits and necklaces. She looked really cute! However she doesn't like the feather headband...and still won't put it on... This is one of Hailey's "favorite" friends in her class. His name is Michael.
And this is Jack's "Jennifer" He doesn't say Ms.'s just Jennifer...she was Hailey's teacher last year too. They love her bunches!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! I just got done making all my goodies that I could make ahead of time. We are going to head over to my parent's house in the morning and will have lunch with some friends from church. Darren has to work tonight and Thanksgiving night so he'll have to eat and run!

November 18, 2007

Talking with Hailey

Just thought this was a cute little conversation that I had with Hailey the other day at lunch. She was sitting there eating and all of a sudden she said " Hey Mommy! Did you know that the Aliens rode on the Mayflower boat?!?" I said "Really?!?! The Aliens did?" She said " Yep, the pilgrims and the aliens" Too cute! I'm sure she was thinking about indians :-) They had a Family Feast at their preschool this past Thursday....her class dressed up like indians and we all brought different dishes to share. I will post some pictures's late and I don't want to start on that right now. Hope you all had a great weekend!

November 7, 2007

Vote for Pedro!

So the worst thing to do when you are trying to sell your house is to take your kids to Petsmart on pet adoption day :-) This is what you come home with!!

His name at the adoption shelter was Pedro and my kids just love it so I think it's going to stick. He is a Bull dog mix (18months) and so far has been such a sweet puppy. And even better no accidents! He does however know how to dig out of fences! He loves the kids and tolerates them and all their loudness. He doesn't seem to have been abused, he's not shy and he's very friendly to other people and animals. I'm sure Pedro will become a wonderful member of our family.

And on a side note....Darren made the SWAT team! We are very proud of him. He's been working really hard for this and is really excited about going to the SWAT school and getting started with the team. He so lives for this high adrenalin stuff.

Darren inherited his Uncle's Corvette. I told him he had to either sell the truck or vette because we don't need three vehicles...Can you guess which one he chose...

November 3, 2007

Halloween 2007

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! We did! I think we celebrated all month long and the kids asked me everyday if it was Halloween Day or still just Halloween Time?!?

This year Hailey was a Princess and Jack-Jack was Spiderman!

She was all about her pretty sparkels and glitter in her hair. We sprayed it in like 3 days in a row!

Jack told everyone "I spiderman!" He's been putting this costume on everyday, but I love it! It's better than him putting on his sister's dress up clothes :-) (The joys of having an older sister)

Our church had a fall festival out at one of our member's homes. They have a huge piece of property with animals and woods and all kinds of fun stuff!

They loved the pigs the most!

Hailey "driving" the big tractor. Later on they used this tractor to pull all the kids on a haunted hay ride through the woods. It was great!Riley & Ralston (Dinosaurs) These two guys are Jack and Hailey's buddies.

Then we started the Trunk-or-Treating! This was the best part. Everyone's trunk was great and the kids had so much fun going around and around and around one more time :-)

Uncle Bubba made the coolest trunk! Good Job! Jack and Hailey were a little scared of his mask though.