August 27, 2009

August...all most gone!

I've only posted once this month...this makes two... we must have been busy, plus sick... just no posting time. So this will be my attempt to catch myself up.
Right before school started Amber and her kids came up on their way to Ohio. So glad we got to spent a couple of days with them. We ventured out to Lane Packing Co. one afternoon and the kids had a great time. The playground is always the big hit for them... I think us ladies enjoined the icecream the most!! Kirkley loved the icecream too!!
The boys pushing their sisters on the merry-go-round!
Thanks Amber for this picture! Too cute, just love those shades!
Hailey and Sage (they are growing up so much) Hailey was just two when they first met!

Jack and Noah on the 'see-saw'!
When Jack abandoned Noah, I joined him... love his hair :)

Ms. Sarah and Kirkley! They were watching Riley on the swing... he stayed in it for an extremely long time... even after I gave up pushing him :)~

The first week of August was back to school time for us!
Hailey started Kindergarten!!!
She is loving her class, Ms. Bowling and Ms. Dooley are her teachers and everyday she comes home so happy wanting to tell me all about her day!
Don't you just love her Mario Cart Wii lunch bag?!?! She mastered that game over the summer and can beat all of us!!
Here she is on the first day, they got 'magic play dough' to start things off. It was white, but as you started squeezing it colors magically appeared! Big Hit!!

The next weekend we went to a girly birthday party for one of Hailey's church friends. Cinderella herself was there to join the girls in some princess fun!

Jack's first day of K-4 was the following week. He was really excited and loved being able to wear his Wall-E shirt.
Ms. Betty and Ms. Linda are his teachers. He had to make a big adjustment not having his buddy Ralston with him, but now he gets to see little Riley during recess some days.

We tried to take a picture with Pedro, but that dog is a spaz! He cannot sit still for a picture, he wants to love all over you or have you pet him the second you get close :)
In his classroom...
He's been having a great time each and every day!
One night we ventured out to Perry to try to see Luke Lineberger play his scrimmage football game... it rained. So we hit Sonny's for dinner instead. Jack didn't make it. He fell asleep in the van and slept through most of dinner.

Another Perry trip was a couple of Sunday's ago. We went down to the Swanson House for lunch. It's in an old house right downtown. (it was good, but it'll probably a long time before we go back)
The scenery was better than the food... I wanted to take more, but I was quite sick that weekend and really just wanted to get home. .
Here are a couple of Hailey and Jack walking the downtown sidewalks.
Last weekend we went to Allyson's 3rd birthday party. She had an Ariel pool party.
Her cake was too cute, I'm sure Dawn got a better picture.
Can you see Hailey in the middle? She got out only to eat a little cake and then jumped right back in. She loves her some swimming!! Jack on the other had barely put his feet in, but he still seamed to have a good time throwing balls at unsuspecting swimmers!

I'll try to get better blogging...
Off to pick up Hailey from school...hope everyone has a great evening!


Amber said...

A few thoughts I had while reading your blog:

1. "Wow, Stacia posted a blog, and I thought she was going to wait until Labor Day."

2. Hailey looks way too grown up on her first day of school.

3. Magic play dough looks awesome.

4. Noah and Pedro cooperate about the same for pictures.

5. Love the hand holding pictures. When they fight, just gaze longingly at those photographs.

Susan said...

Hey! I'm still around too, just taking a break from baby land. Your kiddos are getting so big! You've got such a well rounded family, cute kids. I dread the day my girls go to preschool, I want to keep them little!

Jenny said...

The pictures downtown are adorable!

I love the Cinderella pictures, too. In the picture of all the girls the little girl sitting on Haley's left looks JUST LIKE my niece, only my niece is a little older. I actually had to scroll back up and look at her again :)