September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jack-Jack!!

Yesterday was my baby's 4th birthday. We had a super busy day up in Atlanta visiting the aquarium. It was so much fun and he was so sure he was supposed to have another party. I mean it was his REAL birthday :) His party however was the weekend before when all our friends came to visit. I'll post more about the aquarium trip later, for's the party!
He wanted to have his party at Burger King with the indoor playground, but he wanted a Bolt party too... we had touches of Bolt here and there :)
Izzy was our guest from Virginia :)

Sage was one of our guests from Florida!

Brett thought this chicken nugget looked delicious!

Here is Jack's best buddy, Ralston!!
Here's Mr. Phillip :)

Little Riley!!
And the cool Noah, also came up from Florida!
Here's the birthday boy acting crazy and lil' Miss Aniah!!
Our entire party took up half the dinning area!
Present time! He's been wanting to open these all day!!
Wayne and Dad have a little elder's meeting. lol!!

Hailey of course was there and Cody came too...he's far right.

Granma and Papa got Jack a S.W.A.T. costume!!
Spiderman was a big hit this year, he got toys, an umbrella, p.j.'s and t-shirts!!
Happy Birthday Jack!!
I'll love you forever sweet boy!


Vader's Mom said...

Happy Birthday (a little late) Jack!

Dawn said...

Looks like a fun party! You are an awesome mom!

Andrea said...

So glad that Jack had such a great birthday. We had a lot of fun at his party. That's great that he got to go to the aquarium too. I can't wait to see him wear his SWAT costume.