April 12, 2010


This picture has nothing to do with the post title, but I was checking my email…looked over and saw this RARE site :) My kids played together so good over Spring Break. They really enjoyed each other’s company and I HAD to catch this moment…despite the bed heads and pajamas (or lack of!) IMG_6778 Now…as for Spring…

It is beautiful here, yet there is this unbelievable layer of pollen everywhere!!! I really want it to go away… I’ve itched my eyes so badly I don’t think I have any eyelashes left :) IMG_6768We have three Cherry Blossom tress in our backyard.  They are done blooming now, but I snapped these pics while they were looking their best. IMG_6769 IMG_6773IMG_6774This Sunday we woke up late for Bible class (I set the alarm for 6:45p.m. instead of a.m.!) I knew when I woke up on my own and felt so rested that I had slept way too long!

Therefore… we didn’t have enough time to make it to class but a little extra time to get ready for church… (Picture Time!!) 

I took quite a few of Hailey and Jack together and either she was in a daze or he had his eyes closed… but this one was the best :) Our azaleas busted this weekend (more pollen!) But they are so very pretty!! IMG_6781editWe had a really great weekend (Daddy was finally home!)  We really miss him when he has to work so much, but he is a great police man and we love him for working so hard to take care of us! (and keep us safe from bad guys – my kid’s words)IMG_6783editWe love our funny face pictures!  It’s a great way to entice them to just take a couple more good ones.IMG_6784editI so should have borrowed Darren’s sunglasses! Between my allergies and the 5lbs of cheeks you can barely see my eyes :) lol! Oh well… only 9 weeks left!! I know this shot isn’t a profile, but we’ll make it my 31 week picture. I passed my glucose test, got my Rhogam shot (I’m o neg, Darren’s a pos. You have to get these during and right after pregnancy) Now we are on the two week visits to the doc.! That’s always a milestone. Yay!IMG_6785editI absolutely love Hailey in this picture!!  IMG_6786edit


Amber said...

You look fantastic!
I've missed you :)

Kristen said...

I love all the pictures, Stacia! Your azaleas are gorgeous and you look great despite your allergies! Great pix!

Andrea said...

Love all the Easter pics! You are such a great photographer. I love the way you edit the photos. That pic of the kids holding hands is so cute.