February 10, 2011

Happy Baby

I’ve got such a happy baby!!  And overalls are pretty cute!IMG_79207 months!IMG_7927IMG_7931Jack joined in to play.  He is such a great big brother (jealous, but super sweet)IMG_7929IMG_7934Hats are fun too… if he’ll leave them on. Thank goodness the ones he wears outside fasten under his chin (but he still manages to get them off)IMG_7939IMG_7941IMG_7942IMG_7966Collin is super happy about his new toy.  I noticed he was quite a jumper and went looking for one of these jumparoo thing a ma jigs…. IMG_7970IMG_7971

Loves it!!!


Carrie said...

He is just too cute!

Amber said...

I can't wait to hold him and squeeze him and kiss him...and meet him, NEXT WEEKEND!

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of him in the hat. Those chubby cheeks are adorable. And, ditto Amber's comment!

(This is Tabby.)

Crystal said...

He is so adorable and growing so fast. Hope you're doing well