March 17, 2011

Baby Tricks


So Collin is learning lots of new tricks these days.  He does the eye squinting thing. He’s actually done it for quiet a while but now does it at the camera!!

IMG_8000IMG_8006IMG_8007He LOVES bath time! IMG_8013

I always have plenty of helpers :)IMG_8014

Don’t ya love that old man comb over?!IMG_8015

Collin had his tear duct surgery one month ago.  Here are just a few pics right before he went in.  He did great and had his check up today.  Everything looks good!!About to have eye surgeryEye Surgery

Eye Surgery

IMG_8020You can kind of see his black eye in these two shots… it really wasn’t bad at all.IMG_8024

Here are the three little boys:

Collin, Reid, and Isaac


All the ‘Peaches’ got together last month.  So much fun and much needed!  We all had boys in a little over a year. L to R. Me & Collin, Tabby & Jeb, Sarah & Reid, Amber & Isaac.


Here’s another one of Collin’s tricks!  He started doing this last week.  It makes my heart jump in my throat the first time I see my babies standing in their cribs.  Adorable and sad… why is he growing up so fast??Standing in Crib

He had a great check up this month.  9 months,  19 lbs., 27 3/4 in. (25% both height & weight)IMG_8060

Passed out in Daddy’s arms












Next trick:  Driving Grandma and Papa’s car :)

Driving Grandma's carIMG_8066IMG_8067

Going down the slide with PapaIMG_8068IMG_8069

Jack and Daddy swingingIMG_8072IMG_8073

Hailey and Collin riding in the wagon.IMG_8074IMG_8071IMG_8070IMG_8075IMG_8076


Amber said...

He looks like a Stout in that top picture! I love the crib standing, but my first thought was, "He's too little for that!" Would it be bad if we pushed them down and told them, "Not yet..."???

Jenny said...

He's getting so big! Elle loves to "drive", too!

Tabby said...

I love the squinting face. It was so good to see you guys!

Beth said...

We had the tear duct surgery too, it worked miracles! I wish I hadn't waited so long to do it!!!!