July 15, 2011

Summer Road Trip 2011

We headed out last weekend for our vacation!  We decided to go see my grandparents up in Clayton, GA.  It was wonderful….IMG_0974IMG_0994IMG_8421IMG_0981

Catching Lightning Bugs! (it was catch and release!) one actually worked it’s way out of the top holes and we had to ‘re-catch’ it in the living room!!


The big kids were so excited to take me on “their” trail to “their” waterfall this time.  As soon as Collin went down for a nap we hit the road.  It’s just right up my grandparent’s street.  Our walking sticks are courtesy of Granddaddy Great. He made them :)IMG_8423Clayton, GAIMG_8428IMG_8430

I just love the joy in their faces!


All the sparkles in the water!! Hailey thought it looked like glitter!!All the sparkles!

This is why it is ‘their’ trial:  Last Thanksgiving they hiked this for the first time with Granddaddy Great and his dog Daisy.  They stopped about halfway and carved their initials into this tree!

 Hailey, Jack, Grandaddy Great, DaisyIMG_8441

We made it to the waterfall (or water fountain like I called it more than once!) IMG_8443

There was this huge butterfly when we got there. I think it was having to wait for it’s wings to dry… it just stayed so close and then all of a sudden took off.Butterfly at WaterfallClayton, GAClayton, GAIMG_8448IMG_8449IMG_8456

Heading back down the trail.

IMG_8457Clayton, GAClayton, GAIMG_8460IMG_8462Clayton, GAClayton, GAIMG_8465IMG_8466IMG_8469IMG_8468

My Grandma’s lilies started blooming the day before we got there. IMG_8470

Their backyardIMG_8472IMG_8473


Next up: Goats!

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Amber said...

Ok, after seeing all those beautiful pictures I'm ready to spend a weekend with your grandparents!