November 22, 2007

The Family Feast!

The kids had a wonderful time at their Family Fest last week at preschool. We brought mashed potatoes, mac-n-cheese, and for snack Hailey helped me make these peanut butter sandwich turkeys :-)
Grandma, Bubba, Mommy and Daddy were Hailey and Jack's guests. They decorated each table with crafts that the kids had done in class.

Hailey's class made little Indian outfits and necklaces. She looked really cute! However she doesn't like the feather headband...and still won't put it on... This is one of Hailey's "favorite" friends in her class. His name is Michael.
And this is Jack's "Jennifer" He doesn't say Ms.'s just Jennifer...she was Hailey's teacher last year too. They love her bunches!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! I just got done making all my goodies that I could make ahead of time. We are going to head over to my parent's house in the morning and will have lunch with some friends from church. Darren has to work tonight and Thanksgiving night so he'll have to eat and run!

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Aric and Amber said...

Jack is just gorgeous, and I can't believe he can say the word Jennifer.

Sage's favorite kids in kindergarten are the boys. She does lots of drawings of her and her three boys...