June 3, 2009

Did you miss me?!?!

So I know I've been M.I.A. from blog-world for almost a month! Don't worry...I'm all caught up on all your stuff...just not wanting to blog about mine. My children are wonderful, but sometimes you just get in a funk and I was in one. And blogging about our 'happy wonderfulness' just didn't seem right to me =)

So... to get you all caught up on what's been going on I'll try to tell you in pictures:

Since the last time we talked the baby chicks went from this:Picture 035

To this!Picture 240

Jack became a photographer. His subjects are usually unaware he is taking their pictures. You can tell he is such a boy.....Picture 212 Picture 230

At least he took a picture of his friend's face!Picture 215

And of course, a serious self portrait.Picture 232

Our backyard got a transformation. Jack stood there for two hours while two contractors worked hard.Picture 001

Now our playground is open for business! Picture 057

Since the last time we talked.... Hailey got 'engaged' to Gage. He's in her class at school.Picture 003

She also became a professional strawberry picker! It was a great field trip... the best strawberries I have ever had! Picture 011

Jack went from his 1st day of K-3: Picture 435

To his last day! Such a big boy:

Picture 016

We celebrated by having a luau style graduation, then ice cream with all our friends!!Picture 021

Here he is doing his luau dance =) It was too cute!Picture 031

Hailey went from her 1st day of Pre-K:Picture 407

To her last. (we were running late so I had to take the picture in the school hallway!) She also couldn't bring her bookbag to school, but teacher gifts are a must for us =)

Picture 046

To celebrate they had an ice cream party the day before school got out with all the parents invited. We all got to decorate our own sundaes!! GummyWorms... YUM!Picture 040

I think Jack's having a little brain freeze here.Picture 039

Here are a couple pictures of her with some buddies...Picture 044 Picture 045

And last but not least....

Since the last time we talked... this awesome policeman took his Sergeants exam for the first time ever and PASSED it!!! WOO-HOO!Picture 029

p.s. I forgot to add... Since we last talked Darren and I went from being married 7 years to 8 years!! No picture though...



Vader's Mom said...

Congrats on the anniversary!! Congrats to your Sergeant!!!

Now - Can I come over and play on that playground???

Jenny said...

I missed you! Looks like y'all have been having a great time :)

Dawn said...

I missed you and I have so much to comment on! Your swingset is soooo cooool! We can't wait to come over to play. Your kids have really grown up this year! Wow! Lane Packing strawberries are the best I've had around here, too! Congrats on your anniversary and on Darren's test!

Ben and Tabby said...

Yay! You're back! I miss you tons! Thanks for all the updates. I love the new playground. We are supposed to be getting one this week sometime (well, we have to go to someone's house and take it apart first.) :) I am sure your kids will enjoy that this summer. Congratulations to Darren on making Sgt!!! That is great news. and congrats to Hailey and Jack on finishing Pre-K and K-3!

Amber said...

I missed your terribly!!!! Those sweet little faces of Hailey and Jack too.

Some of Jack's pics remind me of some that my husband has taken before! I love the kids' before and after at school, I'm going to copy that this morning.

Congrats to Darren! Am I allowed to say that he looks very handsome in that picture????