June 30, 2009

Trying to catch up...

My two little ones have been playing together surprisingly well this summer.  They have their moments...don't get me wrong.  One of their new favorite things to do is set up a make believe "Night at the Museum."  They watched the movie a few weeks ago and LOVE it!! We ordered it from Netflix and they won't let me send it back! We may have to purchase this one.Picture 061

If you've seen the movie you know about the big dinosaur!  It sits in front of the information desk... (can you see their desk?)Picture 060

We also got to spend some time at the hospital.  My mom had some issues with her blood pressure.  She is currently under a new doctor's care and getting her thyroid checked. (They found a spot on one while she was there)

Jack loved sitting in Grandma's bed... it had the best view of the T.V.

Picture 062 Picture 063

We brought Grandma some flowers and the kids picked out the little balloons.  I grabbed her personal items from her house like p.j.'s  perfume, magazines... all the essentials!  As a joke I brought a picture of her puppy... having no clue that she would be there for 4 days!! Her poor dog thought she was never coming home.  He would run around the car when my dad would come home and get up on his hind legs to try to see in the drivers seat :(Picture 065 Picture 066 Picture 068 

I had to get this shot because they are hardly ever this close to each other and not making silly faces!! They are in a Spongebob coma :)

Picture 069 Picture 071 Picture 072

When they got bored we broke out the crayons and let them color on paper towels!  We also went on many elevator rides.  Jack finally concurred his fear of elevators.  He was holding the handrail for dear life, but he wanted to do it over and over.  Picture 074

Darren even got to come hang out due to the "Family Emergency"  He stayed with Mom while we went to get dinner.  They watched COPS together!!Picture 076

Father's Day got kind of downplayed due to the circumstances.  We went to visit Grandma after church.  I thought this was a precious picture of Darren trying to fix Jack's tie before we went into her room.  We ended up taking Daddy and Papa to lunch to celebrate their day.Picture 077 

And just a quick shoutout about how HOT it has been.  Don't leave things in your car like pets, kids, and crayons!!  They will all melt!Picture 080Picture 079 

Last week was VBS so I will post about that next.  Hope everyone has a great rest of the week.


Amber said...

I love, love, love the picture of Darren kneeling down and taking care of Jack's shirt.

Glad you are back!

Ben and Tabby said...

I like that picture of Darren and Jack too. Mama Jan looks as beautiful and sassy as ever, even in a hospital bed! Those melted crayons look kind of neat with all the different colors melted together.

Amber said...

Spongebob coma! That cracked me up!!

Your poor mom, I hope everything goes well for her. I'll keep her in my prayers.

Do you drive a van? My van seats look like your seats (minus the melted crayon...so far).

Chad said...

Hope your mom is doing better.

Andrea said...

Love the pictures of the kids in the hospital bed with their grandma. Hope your mom is doing better.

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh out loud, ONLY MY SISTER, would want her perfume and make-up while she was in the hospital. And of course, had to watch COPS with one of Warner Robins finest, himself.

Can't wait to see y'all.
Aunt Sue-Sue

Jenny said...

I hope your mom's doing okay.

I left a piece of crayon in the hand-hold compartment thing of our passenger side door. I stuck my fingers in there to shut the door and let out a tiny yelp...that melted wax is HOT!

Great pictures!

Doris said...

Seat belts get really hot in the car too and can burn you. Be careful in the summer time.
Love the pictures. I always look forward to your post so I can see my babies.