March 2, 2010

Belly Timeline

IMG_5603editIMG_6458edit   IMG_6502edit 25 Weeks


Had my apt. today and everything is going well. Glucose test will be in 4 weeks…then we start going every two weeks after that! It is going by so fast!! I have bought NOTHING, we are either in denial or just really procrastinating :)  I think we have settled on naming him Collin Michael… however Hailey thinks we should just go with Michael Jackson.   She has learned about him from some kids in her class (told me he died with a bottle in his mouth…what kind of bottle…who knows). I told her that we can’t name our baby that because that is already someone's name and he was really popular.  We’ll see what she comes up with next week!

Last week (during winter break) my mom took us to Perry for the State level 4-H competition… I’m telling you…she’s turning into a little country girl!  We didn’t watch any shows but spent the afternoon looking at all the animals. There were pigs, cows, horses, and goats… There was a rodeo too, but we didn’t make it to that.  We really wanted to see the Bunny show, but they weren’t there yet.  Darren took the kids the next morning to try to see them, still not there! I really didn’t want to try for a third…maybe next year!!

IMG_6632editIMG_6633edit IMG_6635edit


I just had to add these for prosperity's sake…

It’s not everyday that I see my kids showing un-ordered kindness towards each other.  Don’t get me wrong, they play pretty well together but don’t always try to help each other out.  Hailey was giving Jack a push on the swing set. He’s the one in the spidey outfit in case you’re wondering :)  IMG_6618editIMG_6620edit

Told you…. that kindness comes in SHORT spurts!



Amber said...

I love the striped shirt in your last belly pic--it's very cute.

Crystal said...

You are looking great. I love the name choice. I can't wait to see pictures of him.

amy said...

Cute belly! You're always bundled up when I see you at the preschool!

Andrea said...

Love your belly shots! Can't wait to meet little Collin.