March 30, 2010

March Happenings

We started off March with a birthday bash for the Lineberger boys. They turned 15 so in honor of them they hosted a little mattress pulling! Hailey jumped right on as soon as we got there!!! She’s in the middle of those two boys! My mom went too of course but fell off and took Hailey with her!!!

 IMG_6650 IMG_6651

Jack preferred the slower pace of the ATV. Hailey went on it with my mom and they got stuck out in the woods in some mud!! I think Hailey needs to stop going with my mom :)IMG_6652 IMG_6653

Each boy picks his favorite cake (or pudding in Luke’s case!) IMG_6655  IMG_6658 IMG_6659 

We headed to Pratville, AL for my cousin Shannon’s wedding last weekend.  It was beautiful weather for an outside event.

Uncle Mike and Aunt Bo-BoIMG_6665

Her sister Lacey (who got married here almost 2yrs ago)IMG_6666

Here comes the bride!

IMG_6667 IMG_6668 IMG_6671

The kids had a BLAST after the ceremony playing with Grandaddy Great! They looked at the horses and had lots of adventures I’m sure!

IMG_6674 IMG_6676

Josh & Shannon


Uncle “Mo” (my dad) and LaceyIMG_6680

Hailey and ( her 2nd or 3rd cousin :) ) Ashley had so much fun together.IMG_6682 

All the kids having a cupcake with Grandaddy Great!IMG_6686

And this little man as just stolen my heart!!! Hayden will be 1 next month and is just precious!!

IMG_6695 IMG_6697

Jack danced with Grandma!

IMG_6702 IMG_6703

He told her to spin him around!IMG_6704

Later that week Hailey was honored at school with the Parkwood Soaring Eagle award.  Each child was read a letter from their teacher and received a certificate.  I could tell she was a little nervous sitting up there, but she did great! 


Daddy was able to come in between court cases.IMG_6720

Her little eagle was there reward. She loves him! And this is a picture with her teacher, Ms. Bowling. (who happens to be the mom of 3 boys that Darren and I grew up with at church! Hailey thinks it’s so cool that mommy and daddy have been to her teacher’s house when they were ‘little’)

IMG_6722 IMG_6723

This week has been fun too!

Jack and I made a Mickey Mouse pizza for lunch one day. He was very proud of his work and surprisingly didn’t mind cutting it up in slices :)


We rode bikes (I drove!) to Grandma and Papa’s house on Friday evening.  We had a great dinner to celebrate Papa’s birthday.


Hailey is super fast compared to Jack… he’s still figuring out this big boy bike thing.  She ended up coming with me  while Jack and Daddy took their time..IMG_6731 IMG_6732

They made it!! He did a really good job! IMG_6734


mrs. fuzz said...

Okay. I am now adding mattress pulling to my list of things I need to try. That looks like so much fun!! Seriously!

Amber said...

I have never met your grandfather in real life, but I think he's so handsome! I love the pics of your mama dancing with Jack. Those are priceless.

And special congratulations to Hailey on her big award!!!

Andrea said...

Looks like you've had a busy month. Love all the pics. Congratulations to Hailey on her award.

Crystal said...

Those cakes and that pudding looks DELICIOUS!!! I'm hungry now!!! :)

Susan said...

Hello prego mommy! Hope the pregnancy is going well. Looks like you're all doing great. I've mattress surfed myself. Only in the south, a true red neck past time.

Tabby said...

So many things to comment on! I love the mickey mouse pizza! Congrats to Hailey on her award! The wedding looks like it was beautiful...I also love the pictures of Jack dancing with your mom. And I SO have to go on a mattress pull! Looks like it's good for relieving stress!!!

Shannon said...

Thanks for posting those pix. Everyone is so antsy to see photos; they're driving me nuts and I can't do anything about it. LOL Love you. So glad you guys got to come to the wedding!

Kristen said...

Your mom is crazy getting on that mattress! Ha! Looks like you guys have been really busy! I love the pictures.

MONICA-LnP said...

mattress pulling sounds so fun!
love the pics,wow what a busy month!the dancing one with grandma is precious!