April 5, 2011

Papa’s Birthday

I posted these pictures and video on FB a while ago but wanted to put them here too….. So if you’ve already seen them just disregard.  But they are really cute so you just might want to look at them again!

For Papa’s birthday we had an angel food cake with strawberries and cool whip.  As you’ll see, Collin thought it was awesome!



Amber said...

I loved watching your mom as much as watching Collin. He's so cute, I could just kiss those elbow dimples.

Karolyn said...

I guess you know what kind of cake to get for his 1st bday!! Yummmm :)

Dawn said...

He is so precious! I love his little personality!

Kimberley said...

Just checked out your blog today and loved seeing your pics! Your Collin is sooo precious! Those pictures of him and the cake made me smile (showed them to my Collin and Connor and they loved them too!). Thanks for sharing :)