May 26, 2011

Family Fun

We have been enjoying a lot of quality time together as a family this month.  Darren took three weeks of much needed leave.  It has been wonderful!

Our three littles playing around right before bedtime.IMG_8192IMG_8194

Jack and Hailey had a book character parade at school to kick of the end of the year book fair.  It was so much fun for both of them.  I will say it is hard to find things for a costume in the Spring.  I hope next year they have it before Halloween.  We cheated and just had them find a book to match last year’s Halloween costumes!


Hailey had a Girl Scout trip to Wild Adventures.  She had a fantastic time (she’s our little daredevil!) The weather was not in their favor but she was able to ride a couple of rollercoasters and feed the giraffe!

IMG_8217scan0001 (2)

Last Friday was field day.  It was HOT but we had a great time!





After field day we wanted to go shopping.  We got on the interstate and our van started making an awful noise.  The warning lights were flashing so we got off the next exit and headed back to town.  Our transmission plus a couple other things needed replacing!  Way more work than that van was worth.  So Darren got in his ‘82 Corvette and traded it in along with the old van.  This is what he came home with.  It was such a stressful evening! But I am starting to love our new ride.  It is 100 times nicer than our old one.  I am however out of the blue van club :)

 New Van 05/2011New Van 05/2011

Saturday was Hailey’s Girl Scout graduation ceremony.  She bridged from Daisies to Brownies.



Now we have a little brownie!  She was so happy!

IMG_8250 (2)IMG_8252

Yesterday was the Last Day of school!!!!  My babies are now heading towards 2nd grade and kindergarten.

L: Hailey’s 1st day                     R: Last day

1st day of 1st grade Last Day of 1st grade!

L: Jack’s 1st day                      R: Last day   

1st day of PreKLast day of PreK

Check out Jack’s shorts… You can tell how much he’s grown this year. They almost look like pants in the first one!

1st day 2010-2011IMG_8258

Here is Jack with Ms. McAllister and Ms. Bethel

Ms. McAllisterMs. Bethel

And here is Hailey with Ms. Ryals

Ms. Ryals

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Tabby said...

They have both grown a ton! Glad you are getting some good family time. Love all the pictures!