May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011




Collin had been up all of 5min. Can’t you tell??   I cracked up when I saw this!6am and ready to start our trip! What a face!!!This is better and brighter.  He LOVES to drive.  We usually let him when we are only going to my mom’s.  (She lives on the next street over in case you are wondering)On our way to Florida

Our drive down to Florida went great in our new van.  The kids rode most of the way in their jammies and watched DVD’s or played the iPod.      IMG_8270IMG_8271

It was hard on Collin to have Mommy sitting right next to him and not take him out.  He just didn’t understand why it was nap time and I wasn’t holding him… He finally gave out! IMG_8272

We made it to my Aunt SueSue’s house that afternoon.  Here she is with her flag cake.IMG_8274

Mom and Grandaddy  (this weekend is when my mom’s side of the family gets together for a reunion.  They have been doing this since the 70’s )


Hailey needs to live at the beach.  She has gorgeous hair when she comes out of the water.  This was after the first swim of the weekend.         IMG_8279IMG_8280

My sweet Jack Jack



This is Hayden.  If you’ve read my blog for a while you might remember this.  He is a full blown 2yr old now and such a sport!  We had a blast with him :)Hayden BlazeHayden Blaze

Hayden and Jack in the pool.  It took Jack a while to warm up to the water.  He was only sitting on the steps the first night.Hayden and Jack in the poolHayden

Hailey and Erick (they are cousins… I had to disappoint her again and tell her she couldn’t marry him! Too bad, he’s a sweetie! )Hailey and ErickIMG_8292

Mom, Collin and Aunt Sue SueIMG_8294

The next morning we tried Collin out in the swing.  He LOVED it so I know what to get him for his upcoming birthday!!  This was the morning of our reunion.  More pictures to come!IMG_8295



Amber said...

That top picture cracks me up.

I'm sure you loved having a brand new van to take on a trip and probably a little scared to have three kids in your brand new van for a long trip!

MONICA-LnP said...

a little grumpy I'd say but cute!
yummy looking flag cake!I love reunions,glad everyone had fun!