July 31, 2008


Tabby has had this site advertised on her blog for weeks now and I kept meaning to ask her about it. I finally did and she told me they have been loving it!! So today I signed up :-) If you are anything like me my least favorite time of the day is planning what to have for dinner. I usually wait till the day of and we never have everything we need to make the meal. Then I don't want to drag the kids out to the store so we have whatever can be put together or we go out if Darren is home that night. I also have a horrible time shopping because I can't think of what to buy and what will make a meal when two kids are talking or crying or running down the aisle!! This site does all the work for you!! It lets you pick your favorite store, even a low fat or vegetarian plan and comes up with a week of menus. Then the best part is it prints everything you need to buy to make the meals and what section of the store it is in!!! Awesome!! Tabby said they have really enjoyed the recipes so I'm looking forward to trying them out! I'll let you know how it goes! And get this.... only $5 a month.... :-)



Anonymous said...

I have a cookbook, from Publix, that is like that, too. It doesn't plan your week of meals, but it does give you a whole meal recipe, with all the ingredients needed, and what section, in the store, to find the ingredients. It also tells you what sequence to cook each item. Its called Simple Meals, and I absolutely love it! I'll pick one up for you, and bring it with us.
Love ya, Aunt Sue-Sue

Vader's Mom said...

I look forward to hearing what you think about that... Sounds like something I could use, even if I'm not a busy mom.