July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!!

Happy Independence Day!!

Don't you just love Hailey's Statue of Liberty crown?!? My secret pal stuck it in my gift basket...so cute!
We tried to get Pedro so SIT for a picture...he kept getting up and coming towards me when I would back up to take the picture...for some reason this position worked better :-)
Silly Dog!! He's so happy...when he grins so big his ears disappear, you know he's happy!

We headed to a friend's backyard to see the W.R. fireworks last night. We got their early and the kids got to play on the playground.

Here's Allyson, Dawn and Mike's little girl.
Uncle Bubba came with us and Joe and Bry met up with us a little later. They brought two of their friends too. It was a nice evening....we had to wait a LONG time for the fireworks to start so we filled it with some watermelon....

some Capri Suns....
a little star gazing and helicopter watching...
and best of all...we found a frog and that kept the kids busy for quite a while!
They LOVED it :-}
FINALLY...at 10:45pm the show began!! (Lonestar was the concert entertainment at the stadium and that seemed to take a while)

Hailey was in awe!
Jack did okay...just covered his ears.
I think you need a tripod when you take firework pictures :-0 I have a firework setting but they were still kind of shaky!
Here's a video of our fun! The helicopter kind of drowns out most of the booms...don't know why he flew around so much...I guess some sort of security.

Earlier in the week...Tuesday...we went to see WALL-E!! Daddy was off that day so we wanted to do something fun. It was a great movie!
The kids were so excited to see this display after the movie was over...he was kind of tucked off in a corner of the theater.
We also brought Cody... he's one of Jack and Hailey best buddies from church.
And I'll leave you with a new classic! On the way home from the movie Jack took his sandals off and boy did they stink! I said something about it and this is what I started!! Who has the stinkiest feet?!? Oh brother!!

Hope everyone has a great day!! We are heading over to Grandma and Papa's for a cookout and I'm sure swimming!! Fun Fun!!


Vader's Mom said...

Looks like a ton of fun!!! You have a beautiful family :)

Tabby said...

The fireworks were great! Looks like ya'll had a great time!

So who won the stinkiest feet contest?

Dawn said...

Yes, we had such a good time!

I'll be posting some similar pics soon. You got some that I didn't get, though. I never got any of the frog. Poor frog! I know he was looking for a tree or some tall grass to hide from our kiddos.

Nancy Hood said...

Love Teale's work!! She rocks, doesn't she?! She did mine, too. Your snapshots prove you had a fun day yesterday, hope the weekend is as well!

Sarah said...

I LOVE Hailey's crown! The fireworks video is great too. We didn't get to see any this year.

Those stinky feet are too funny.

Andrea said...

Love the kids' patriotic outfits. And the dog's bandana...too cute! Looks like you all had a great holiday. The stinky feet contest was so funny. Your kids are so silly.

Chad said...

I think I would break a hip if I tried to smell my feet. :)

Doris said...

Looks like the Johnson Squad had a great Fourth. We did too. We didn't get to see any fireworks, but we did shoot off a few bottle rockets and do sparklers.
It's so good to see Darren spending time with the children going somewhere special on his day off. Keep up the good work.
Hope Granny is doing OK.