November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008

Here's one of my "Little Monsters"
Jack found Uncle Bubba's mask that he used at the Trunk-or-Treat and HAD to wear it Wednesday afternoon! He wore it to lunch and inside the store!! Even discovered there was a little hole in the mouth area that his straw would fit through!! Thursday was "Parent and Child Time" (PACT) at Hailey's school. We went and did a spider craft with peanut butter, crackers, and pretzels. You can see in this picture that she is a little stressed about spreading the peanut butter. She was very concerned about getting it on my fingers and also very thrown off by the change in the daily routine. She cried for a little bit at first, but I talked her through it and she realized it was going to be fun. She really enjoyed using the spaghetti noodles to make her spider web!See, she had a good time... (eating one of the chocolate "bugs") She quickly ran off to go get on the interest in having party food. The rest of her day was not so great. Too much over stimulation and lack of routine sent her into a tailspin. But I want her to be a part of these activities....we'll just know that the rest of the day will be a bit harder. That same day was Jack's party at his school. We left Hailey's and ran to his!! They made out like bandits when it came to the food!! I think I need a wipey, Momma!!
This child is such a goof-ball! He is NOT in the middle of saying Cheese! That was his posed face!
Here's Ralston's attempt at it too!!
Now where do you think my son gets his silliness from?!?
Like Father...Like Son
This was the little craft they did. Candy Corn Man!! Again!! The faces :-)
I can only get 'real' pictures when he doesn't know I'm taking them.
Friday was Halloween and boy did we have FUN!!
First we dressed Pedro up in his costume! He was a pirate complete with dread-locks!!
He's looking at the kids saying, Would one of you Please help me?!?! I think Mom's gone nuts!!

We hosted a Trick-or-Treat party at our house this year. Some of the mom's were alone (husbands working) so we decided to get together to take the kids out. And I just kept inviting more and more people!! :-) It's just more fun that way!! Everybody brought food and candy to share. We ate dinner: jack-o-lantern mini pizzas, mummy hot dogs, homemade mac-n-cheese, finger sandwiches, and tons of desserts....I think the winner was the cinnamon "bones" with peanut butter/chocolate dipping sauce (yay Sarah!!)
The kids pretty much played in their rooms until it was time to go trick-or-treating!!
Here is Kaitlyn and Allyson. They were Cinderella and Ariel!
We were a pretty big group of kids and most houses were surprised when they all pounded on the door :-) I think there were 10 of them!!
Our goal was to get to this house! We drive by it every morning to get to school and we call it the "spooky" house. We made it and it was great! The kids loved getting to look at all the stuff in their yard and the owners were dressed up in costume as well!
Here you can see the "head in the crystal ball" --- Riley thought that was so cool!!
This has to be the best pic of the night!! The first time Trick-or-Treaters all holding hands and just beaming from ear to ear!! Riley (Robin), Aniah (Unicorn), and Allyson (Ariel). Adorable!!


Tara said...

I now go to church with the Bramletts and Weeds and Suzy and I actually went to high school together in Montgomery. Small world!

I have been bugging Suzy for a while now to get a blog, but nothing yet. Maybe I'm close to wearing her down!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love checking out other people's blogs even if I don't know them. I may peek in yours from time to time.

Ben and Tabby said...

Looks like lots of fun! Pedro's costume is too cute!! I love the picture of the little first time trick-or-treaters. Tell Jack he looks really scary in that mask! :)

Sarah said...

Jack looks too funny in that mask. You really did it all Thursday. Thanks for hosting the Halloween party. It was great. Pedro should get an award for best costume.

Ben and Tabby said...

OH, I forgot to tell you that I love your new background and header! Do you make your header and nametag yourself?

Andrea said...

We had a great time at your Halloween party. The kids were all so cute in their costumes. You have some great decorations at your house. I love the pictures of Hailey and Jack at school. The funny faces are too cute.

Vader's Mom said...

The photo of Jack & his candy corn man cracks me up!! So priceless.

And I've not thought about noodle webs before - I've seen the spider cookies, but that's a great addition.

Jenny said...

Looks like fun! Love all of Jack's faces and Pedro's costume!

Twin Mommy said...

Wow, I love your new blog look. It reminded me that I've got to change mine! Halloween looked fun, our girls had a great time too, their first time going.

Dawn said...

The Halloween party was ablast. We really enjoyed it! I think we should make it an annual tradition! :D