November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

First a little visit from the ghost of Thanksgivings Past....
Our first Thanksgiving with Hailey. She was just one week away from turning 1yr.! We went down to Florida to visit family.
Back in Florida but now we are a family of 4! Jack's first Thanksgiving, he was 2 1/2months. This was his 1st of many Jeep rides with Grandaddy-Great!!
Grandma-Great & Grandaddy-Great have moved to Georgia! (So did the Jeep!!) Uncle Bubba, Daddy, Grandma, Jack, Hailey, and Papaw enjoying the ride. (we went up the weekend after Thanksgiving)
Thanksgiving at Grandma's house! We invited some friends from church. Can you believe this is little Isabelle from the previous post!?!?! She has changed so much in a year!!
This is also from last year...Jack and Cody after cupcakes!

Now on to Thanksgiving 2008
We started our morning by sleeping in! It was great :-) When the kids did get up we watched the Macy's parade to look for Santa! I couldn't believe how much they enjoyed it. I thought they'd say...Let's watch Noggin! But they loved all the balloons and singing and just kept thinking that Santa might be just around the corner!
Here's Hailey waiting with anticipation for Santa's arrival on TV.
See...there he is!!!
(I always think of the movie Elf when I hear that!)
We headed over to my mom's around noon (right after Santa's departure) to start our Thanksgiving festivities. I made the green bean casserole using beans from Grandma-Great's garden. They were so good! I also brought a cherry cheesecake for a dessert.
Here is a picture of my mom's table before we sat down. She did such a great job making everything look so pretty.
I know this picture is fuzzy but I think it's sweet anyway... Jack loves talking to Memaw. He was telling her something important I'm sure.
After lunch, I was able to get the kids in their (school-made) hats for a picture together.
After a quick nap...and I mean quick
We headed over to Auntie Shaun's house for dinner and FUN!
Here is Darren and Adam playing a little guitar hero. Adam is super expert pro at this!! It's quite amazing to watch his fingers move on some of the songs.Hailey got a hold of the camera next... I thought her perspective of the evening was a little funny so I decided to share!
Uncle Bubba's head:
He's been a little blue this week...His girl, Samantha, has been out of town all week and he just doesn't know what to do :-) This is Ollie, Auntie MeShaun's dog. We call him Ollie-BaBa
This is Mr. Wayne:
To Hailey this is probably exactly what it feels like to look up at him! He's like 6'3 I think.
Hi Grandma!
She was telling her that was enough pictures!!Kitchen shot.And this one was super cool!
I have no clue how she did it but it's pretty awesome. That's Cody in the background and Uncle Bubba.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! I managed to get all my fall stuff put back in the attic today and all the Christmas stuff down. I put the tree together in the garage because I knew from last year that we had some light issues to handle. I couldn't fix them....I replaced a ton of bulbs so it must be the wires.... I'm just going to get some new strands and add them to the tree! Quick fix!!
Oh mom gave Darren his birthday present early (Dec.18th) because if she waited that long it wouldn't be worth it...She got him the Christmas light set that blinks along with the music for the house. He loved them last year so that will be his project on his next off days!! He's excited. I just told him we have to keep the music down, we don't want our neighbors to hate us!! Here is a clip from YouTube of a house with the same kind of thing. I wish we had the same song on ours... I love the Christmas Vacation movie...our songs are just instrumental. And just so you know ours will NOT be this extravagant :-)


Ben and Tabby said...

Cute! I loved looking at all the pictures from Thanksgivings past. Your new background and header look great! And that signature tag is hilarious!! Can't wait to see your Christmas lights once you get them all up.

Nancy said...

loved reading all the details and the snapshots that went with them!! so glad everyone had such fun and that many more memories were made :) Merry Christmas now!!! look forward to seeing YOUR musical video ;)

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, I thought I had commented on this post. I love that first picture. You and Darren look like kids. Looks like you guys had a busy Thanksgiving. Your mom's table was gorgeous, Jack and Hailey are so cute in their hats.