January 12, 2009

Bath Time Fun

We had lots of fun in the tub the other night so I decided to get out the camera.  I haven't taken pictures of the kids in the tub in a long time. Hailey is getting older, but Jack is still young enough and I need some of him...so as you'll notice I conveniently placed some 'stickers' on Hailey to keep her covered up!

Jack got a shaving set as one of his Christmas gifts. He's been having a blast lathering up and shaving!! Hailey even likes the foam. Sarah and Larry gave us a great idea about popsicle's in the tub! No Mess!! Splish_Splash_Page_0

After the foam it's time to rinse off...well they decided to squirt each other with the 'razor' and a water gun! Things got a little more intense and Jack went in for the kill with the big blue cup!!  But Hailey won't be beaten!! She came back with the frog cup and Jack tried again and they both were soaked from head to toe :-)

Time to wash!!Splish_Splash_Page_1


Nancy said...

I love the collage!! What did you use to do this? I downloaded PhotoShop but it only lets me edit pics :/ I don't where the creative part is! argh

Amber said...

I can't tell you how excited I am that you have a new post! I love the popsicles in the tub idea. I miss the days of getting to get both of the kids in one tub.

Dawn said...

I remember taking baths with my sister! Allyson got a bathtime Disney Princess tea set. She'll play until the water is cold! She makes us hot choc-it. :D

Andrea said...

Love the bath pics. They look like they're having so much fun.

Ben and Tabby said...

Fun! Popsicles in the tub are a great idea! I'll have to remember that for later. :)