January 24, 2009

MDA Hop-A-Thon

Jack and Ralston had a fundraiser at their preschool on Thursday and they were on the NEWS! If the video doesn't load below...click the link HERE. Ralston is wearing an orange shirt and Jack is in his Alabama shirt. Hailey made it towards the end, but I'd have to pause it and point to her little head popping up in the background :-) But she was so excited to see herself too! We saved it on the DVR so we got to pause/rewind a few times that night!


Chad said...

I'm glad you dressed him up nice for his big day on TV. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming you had to sign a release form for your child to be in the hop-a-thon. Didn't it bother you that MDA wanted to be able to use your child for publicity? Or sell your child's picture/videotape etc. to other companies/organizations? And of course you can't sue.

My daughter's school is doing this hop-a-thon in March, and I won't sign the consent form. Glad your son had fun though.

Anonymous said...

So glad your kids had fun and enjoyed helping children who can't hop. The world is more than a publicity stunt and or the ability to sue......it's about real children and people with an illness and teaching young children a way they can help. I hope your children are very proud of themselves and seeing themselves on tv. I am a preschool teacher and am doing a Hop-a-thon in a few weeks.