January 20, 2009

We did a little baking...

Daddy was gone all last week for training in Mississippi so when he got home on Friday we decided to have a cake waiting for him! Jack and Hailey helped me mix it up and then had a wonderful time cleaning off the beaters.  I don't think I even had to put them in the dishwasher they got so clean :-)Picture 086 Picture 087

I wonder if I can fit this whole thing in my mouth?!?Picture 088 Picture 089

Pedro was just wishin' that one of them would drop something....anything! But he was a good boy and stayed out of the kitchen.

Picture 090

This was our finished masterpiece! Too bad I forgot to take any pictures of when Darren got home and we all ate it :-) It was very yummy and we were all very happy that he was home. Especially Hailey...she'd been waiting all week to play her Princess Wii game and he had taken the Wii with him so she just could not wait for him to plug that thing back in :-)Picture 091

Here are some pictures from Darren's trip....He didn't take them...They were given to him on a cd from the school.


He's the one in the green/white hatPicture 106

a lot of these guys are from undercover drug units that's why their hair is long or they have lots of facial hair... They came from all different parts of the U.S.Picture 107 Picture 138

I guess after class they got to go outside for recess ;-)Picture 131

I couldn't find Darren in these pictures, but I thought they were too cute not to post! (I know..they're not trying to be cute but it still looks cute!)

Picture 150 Picture 151 Picture 152

Back in Warner Robins!

Tonight was our church's Ladies Salad Supper. We try to have on every month. I was making a chocolate chip cheese ball and Hailey wanted to help me so I grabbed our matching apron's that my Secret Pal gave me!! Aren't they adorable?!? She loves hers!!  She helped me mix everything together Picture 092

then Jack starts yelling " I want an apron too!!" So I gave him an apple one that hangs in my kitchen!  He helped Daddy with the mac-n-cheese!

 Picture 093


Amber said...

I love seeing your babes in the kitchen with you! They get so excited to help in there, I love it. I think Jack needs a lightening McQueen apron.

I laughed seeing the recess picture from Darren's class.

The Littlefields said...

The beaters are the best part! What exactly goes into a chocolate chip cheese ball?

Jennifer said...

I think that it is very creative on your part to decide to make a cake just because....what a great idea! Who needs a reason to make one? It looked like so much fun.

I am glad that it is just mostly coupon clipping moms that read your blog because WE probably won't ever run into those undercover cops whose cover was just blown by a cake baking, cheeseball making, mini van driving, stay at home mom!!

Dawn said...

I bet Darren loved coming home to a delicious chocolate cake! Yum-O! I bet he learned a lot and I know you are very proud of him. :D

Stacia said...

Yeah...I haven't asked Darren yet if I was really allowed to post those pictures :-) If they magically dissapear we'll know why!

Nancy said...

Oh!! what heart memories were made!!

Gina Bowling said...

You're such a good mom. When my kids want to help me in the kitchen, I can't deal with it. I tell them to go play. They make me nervous. You have such great patience!!!

Ben and Tabby said...

You are such a good mommy and wife! You're right those recess pictures are cute, there's just no other way to describe them. :)

Carrie McAllister said...

Hailey expressed her excitement at her daddy coming home at school too. I thought oh, how sweet, she misses her daddy. Then she says, finally! I can play my princess game! What a hoot!

Sarah said...

That was so sweet for you to make a cake for Darren's homecoming. Riley thinks your cake looks great. He keeps asking to look at it.