April 22, 2009

Egg Hunt and Easter Sunday 2009

We had a great Easter weekend as I said in my last post, but here are the pictures to prove it!

We had an egg hunt at church for the kids the Saturday before.  There was fried chicken, all kinds of sides and desserts! After eating lunch the kids got to play pin the 'cotton tail' on the bunny while all the dads went out to hide the eggs.Picture 049

Hailey and her friend, Noah, won!!Picture 053 Picture 055

Then the kids got busy doing some egg crafts. Picture 051 Picture 057 

                                 Alright...the dads say it's time!                                 (LtoR) Darren, Uncle Bubba, and AricPicture 060

They are so excited!! Look at Sage's smile :)Picture 061

Here comes Riley!Picture 062

Sage, Hailey, and Jack!Picture 063

But wait! Everybody stop!! The Easter Bunny is on his way!!Picture 066

Jack found a Golden Egg!!  It had some $$ in it!! Awesome!Picture 070

They all had so much fun and loaded up on candy filled eggs.Picture 071

This shot is so "Little House on the Prairie"  (thanks Amber)April 118

Peace and a wink!!Picture 076

Something amazing just happened... Jack and Ralston just discovered that there are clothes under that bunny costume...and the head doesn't look attached!April 127

And look...there's a zipper!!  I wonder what would happen if I pulled it?!?! (we had to stop him!)April 128

                      Back: Amber, Andrea, Sarah, Heather                        Front: Lita. Me, Bunny, DawnPicture 081

Sage being a great BIG sister giving Noah a push!Picture 082

Uncle Bubba and Papa Steve giving Sage and Noah some pushes...April 150

Uncle Bubba and Jack.

April 156  

Easter morning  was in one word...RUSHED.  The kids hit their baskets while I snapped a few pictures. The Monsters vs. Aliens toys were the big hit of the morning!! Then we all quickly got ready for bible class and as each child got ready I tossed them in the backyard to try to take their picture....forget taking them together this year... just not enough time allotted.

Here is sweet Hailey in her Easter dress.Picture 102

And you all know my sweet Jack? Well he was highly upset that I would not let him hold the blue monster in his picture that the Easter bunny brought him.... I promised to give it back!! He showed me! Look at that face?!?!Picture 103 Picture 104

But his suit was precious. He loved wearing it and Hailey told him he looked like a daddy!


Jenny said...

Hailey dress is beautiful and Jack looked SO handsome...LOVED the pictures of him inspecting the bunny!!!!

Amber said...

Jack's face is precious in that last picture. He did love that blue monster, he was so funny in church with it. You are definetly the coolest mom ever for getting those.

Just from seeing those toys, Sage wants to go and see the movie.

Carrie said...

That picture of Jack standing backwards is hilarious!

Ben and Tabby said...

They are so cute in their Easter outfits! I love that last picture os Jack. That will be an Easter to remember. You got some great pictures at the egg hunt, too! Glad you guys had a good Easter weekend!

The Emery's said...

I love pin the cotton tail on the bunny. What a great idea!

I also like that you included a picture of yourself. Long overdue =)

Looks like Easter was a great time for your family.

Good to see a new post from you!

Nancy said...

hey girlfriend, think you can come up with a signature tag for me with only the dark gray and scrolls? maybe put the name in dark gray and have it swirly?! thanks!!!

Bry and Joe said...

I LOVE the Peace and a wink picture!!

Amber said...

Noah tells me that he's going to live down the street from me. I personally totally have faith in Jack and Noah. They WILL keep their word.