April 24, 2009

Prayers Please *Update*

So I haven't even had time to put up my pictures from my trip to Florida last weekend for my cousin Heather's baby shower and she's gonna have the baby. She's only 33 weeks along but has been struggling with high blood pressure for a few months now. This week it has gotten out of control and her doctor handed her over to a high risk doctor. After an extremely rough day yesterday they decided to take the baby this afternoon. He should have already made his arrival although I haven't heard from them yet. Please pray that Heather's health returns once the delivery is made and that little Hayden can be strong for this early delivery.
Hayden arrived at 4lbs 1oz and 17in long. So far Mommy and baby are doing as well as to be expected. I will so post pictures as soon as I get some :) Please continue to pray that his little lungs are developed (Heather received steroid shots a few weeks ago to try to speed up the development in case this was to happen)


Amber said...

4 pounds for a 33 weeker? That was going to be one big little boy!

Ben and Tabby said...

Wow! I am glad Mommy and baby are doing good. Will definitely be praying for them both!