April 25, 2009

Girly Trip to Florida

Last weekend my mom and I ran away on a girls trip!! It was so much fun and much needed break! We went down to celebrate my cousin, Heather's baby shower.  The theme was teal and brown.  All the girls that hosted it did such a wonderful job. There was a piggy bank to put your change in for the baby and 'boo-boo bunnies' were the party favors!  Heather however almost didn't make it to her own shower due to complications... but the doctor's released her the night before and it wasn't until after that weekend that things got so serious.  Picture 111

The cakes were delicious and beautiful!Picture 115

This one was my favorite!! Heather said she wished her boobs looked that good right now!!

Picture 118

This guy is Tucker. He 'hosted' the party! Such a sweet puppy and would give anything for you to rub his paw!! Picture 117

There was over 45 guests there!  Heather did great, but we kept telling her to sit down ;) And at multiple times we all did a round of blood pressure checks!

 Picture 119

This is Giselle, Jason's mom. She is the new Grandma.  The shower was also at her house...it was beautiful.Picture 122

And here is the brand new Nana, my Aunt Sue-Sue (in the yellow)!!Picture 133 

Picture 139

Heather was so excited and after the shower she said the baby could come whenever because she had everything she needed!   Well... he only waited 6 days later!  Picture 135

I'm so going back to Florida as soon as I can. 

Hayden Blaze Wolf 039


Amber said...

What a cute little guy, from the picture you'd never know he was born so early. I'm glad he's doing so good.

I love the prego cake, but I think the right side might be bigger...

The Emery's said...

Could Heather be any cuter? Look at those dimples! Seriously.

The baby is precious =) My Caleb only weighed 4lb 15oz. Those tiny babies can be scary!

Ben and Tabby said...

He is such a cutie. I'm glad he is doing well! That cake is hilarious!

Dawn said...

I just got caught up on all your posts. Finally! I love the kids Easter outfits. What a cute color scheme for the shower. Love the belly cake! I hope Heather's baby continues to improve.

Love ya!

Susan said...

I thought I recognized the NICU tubes and sensors... from when the girls were in there. Those steroid shots helped, his little lungs got a good "jolt" from those; they did the same to me. I can't imagine 45 people showing up at my baby shower! What a blessing! I can see you and your mom away in Florida... in absolute trouble all the time. Tell your mom I hope she goes forward at church next time, sunbathing in a thong isn't exactly proper. :)

Sarah said...

Those cakes are amazing. What a cute shower. Glad you guys had such a good time. You deserve it.

Stacia Howard said...

Hi Stacia!
Awesome that you found me! And it is not common at all so it's always fun to find another Stacia! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi & leaving a sweet comment. And you gave me an idea for the end of the year gift for my son's teacher! Thanks!
Im hosting a baby shower for my SIL at the end of this month and we are using a baby blue & chocolate brown theme as well!