July 9, 2009

4th of July Weekend pt.1

We headed out on our trip Friday morning.  I will admit I was expecting a stressful drive. 6 hours of two yelling kids and just me.  But that was NOT the case... They were great!! Best drive we've ever taken.  Of course there were LOTS of "are we there yets" and "how much longers"  but all in all... Fantastic!

Picture 097

We pit-stopped  somewhere in south GA for some lunch.  It was classy! A Wendy's hooked to a gas station with this huge catfish tank in the center!! Entertaining though. Picture 100

The kids cheered when we made it to the FL line.... however were disappointed when I told them about 3 1/2 more hours!  I did a little cheer when we made it to Orlando... almost there!!

But to get there....$6.00 in tolls. The price you pay to stay out of traffic. Hailey asked me if they were taking all our money... She couldn't figure out why you had to pay to drive on a street?!?Picture 103  


First things first... give baby Hayden lots of lovin'!!

Uncle Mo and Aunt Lou-Lou meeting him for the first time. (for all of you asking WHY my parents are called those names, let me explain.....) My mom has a little brother named Steve, so my dad goes by his nickname 'Mo' which is short for his first name, Morris. My mom was always Aunt Janet until my cousin, Lacey, started calling her Lou-Lou out of the blue... and if you know my mom she LOVES nicknames. Needless to say it stuck!Picture 106

Mom getting in some good bonding time.Picture 107

Let me tell ya, He is a sweetheart!! I SO got baby-fever! Heather was getting over some kind of sickness, so she was staying at her mom's too! We had full access to the little man!Picture 113   

Jack loves him some babies.  He held Hayden many times over the weekend. (p.s. Hayden's shirt says "Were you this cute?") Jack asked me during church when we were going to get a baby...but he had conditions... It can ONLY be a baby brother! He says he can only handle one sister!! :)

Check out his hair? Such a little man!Picture 118

Hailey on the other hand patted his head, kissed him and said, "where's the games?!" She played Wii every second she got. We eventually moved the console into the back bedroom so other people could enjoy the family room :) My sweet little electronic-obsessed child! We've started limiting the time at home... I think she'd do it all day if I let her.Picture 121

Part 2 up next... Gotta go get ready for lunch with Sarah, Ralston, and Riley!!


Amber said...

What a sweet baby, that last picture of him his precious. They grow up too fast.

Love that Jack fell in love with him too! Glad that you still got to go to FL.

Ben and Tabby said...

He's too cute! I can see why you got baby fever! Can't wait to see the rest of your pictures.

Wish I was getting ready for lunch with you guys too!!

Jenny said...

Great pictures!

A little funny about the tolls in Orlando...we ran across a few that weren't manned and didn't have an arm. We didn't have exact change like they wanted so we just had to drive through them. We were convinced we'd get home and have fines for not paying. We learned that you get a certain number each month that you can drive through and not pay.

Doris said...

Stacia, just remember this when you start getting baby fever; they grow up.
Love you,

Sarah said...

Nothing says classy like catfish. Hayden is such a cutie. I can't believe your kids road 6 hrs. with no movie. That's awesome. Those kids deserve some candy.