July 11, 2009

4th of July Weekend pt.2

Our trip continued with dressing up in Red, White, and Blue! Loved Hailey's shirt that Grandma gave her. She was more interested in putting her hands in the pool than snapping a photo for me :) Still turned out cute.

Picture 124

Jason stopped by to squeeze on his little man.. Sweet little family.

Picture 128

We headed to the mall and wound up at a Disney store.  We don't have one close to us anymore so my kids have never been in one.  They were seriously in heaven!! I couldn't get them to stand still long enough for a picture of their reactions.  Jack wanted EVERYTHING and Hailey kept saying how 'Awesome' it was!

Picture 130

Tried to get a picture on the big Mickey but you can tell that didn't go too well... They were all hyped up on shopping.  We made out good (all cost less than one Disney ticket and they were just as happy)

Picture 132 Picture 135

That evening we grilled our hamburgers (thanks Ray-Ray) and got ready for fireworks.  You can see Jack was a little nervous... He kept his hands on his ears while driving to the neighbors house...no fireworks yet.

Picture 137 Picture 138

Me, Heather, and Hayden walked over.

Picture 139

While we watched some in the sky we also set off a ton in the street.  Jack would not let me put him down so I didn't get too many good pictures. 

Picture 147

Finally my dad convinced him to get in the back of the truck with Hailey (who LOVED them!!)  At one point Hailey turned around to me and said 'Oh Mommy I love you!' She was so happy I let her come see the fireworks (just melted my heart!!)

Picture 149

After church on Sunday we quickly got the kids together for a 'Great Grandbabies' photo op for Grandma-Great & Granddaddy-Great.  All three of their 'Greats' together!

Picture 151 Picture 152

Then lunch on the patio to watch Hailey swim (she would eat and swim, then eat and swim)  Aunt Sue-Sue joined her.

Picture 154

Grandma and Jack enjoying our Sunday afternoon.

Picture 155 Picture 160

Hailey even started swimming on the deep end!!

Picture 162

You can tell from how dry Jack is that he didn't even sit on the first step!! 

Picture 163

Hailey grabbed the camera that night and got some candid shots.

Here is Mackenzie the pug.Picture 164

Zeek the jack russell . Who btw is a little kleptomaniac.  He will steal anything that isn't glued down to the floor and run till you trade him a treat! He also can let himself  out by pulling on the lever type door knobs.  They had to change all their indoor knobs to keep him out of the rooms!! But he's a sweetie!!!

Picture 166

Picture 171

Sleeping Jason, Silly Heather, Aunt Lou-Lou holding Hayden.

Picture 169

Cat napping with daddy.

Picture 178

Hailey slept with me on the last night we were there.  We were looking at all the pictures she took and decided to take some of us.  I thought they turned out so cute.

Picture 179 Picture 182

Had to post this.  On the way home there was a horse trailer with three horses.  They kept passing us, then we'd pass them...  The whole time the horses kept their heads out and my kids LOVED it!!!  I've actually never seen horses enjoy 70 mph breezes before.

Picture 183

Picture 186


Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures. We sure did enjoy our visit. Sure hope you come back real soon.

Love ya, Aunt Sue-Sue

Ben and Tabby said...

Looks like you had a great time. So glad you got to go. I love the pics of you and Hailey. So sweet.

Amber said...

Hailey looks so pretty in that pic with just the two of you.

Your kids look way too big in the picture with the newborn.

Vader's Mom said...

That looks like a wonderful trip! So much fun & the Disney store (one of my favorites even now!)

Sarah said...

Cute pics. Jack looks so grown up in his swimmies.

Doris said...

Thanks for the picture of our "Greats". I'm so glad you got to go to FL and that you thought of taking them to the Disney store. I didn't think it was still opened. Hope you can take them to Disney World when the weather gets cooler.
Hayden is filling out and looks so sweet. Grandaddy thinks he will always be a little guy.

Dawn said...

Glad you had such a good trip! You do have beautiful kids. And, you know I love that pic of the pug! I wish we had a Disney Store!! I am so proud of you for driving down with the kids. You are such a big girl!!

Andrea said...

Love those pics of you and Hailey. So glad you all had a great time with your family. The baby is so cute.