July 23, 2009

Summer time fun!

We have been having a great Summer so far! Here are some pictures to prove it! Actually LOTS of pictures!

Cow Appreciation Day @ our Chick-fil-A was a great way to spend our lunch time.  We will definitely dress up as cows next time to get our free sandwiches.  IMG_5044 Hailey’s teacher from last year met us there.  The kids and I really enjoyed catching up with her. IMG_5043 Here are some of our crept myrtle blooms from the backyard.  The trees are huge… I almost couldn’t reach any of the flowers. They don’t last very long in the vase, but they are pretty to have in the house.IMG_5047 We spent another afternoon out at the Lineberger’s farm.  Lots of fun 4-wheelin’ and dirtbike ridin’…. I actually drove a dirtbike for the first time :) Unfortunately on the 4 wheeler I couldn’t take very many pictures of all that fun!

IMG_5061  Hailey’s chickens are ENORMUS!! Mr. Kerry told us that they in fact are Roosters… all three.  They are the same kind as ‘Foghorn Leghorn’  These bad boys are the kind you raise to eat.  IMG_5063Take a look at those feet!  Just huge! IMG_5064 IMG_5065 My mom went out to the garden and picked me some Sunflowers.  They were beautiful.  I love a sunflower garden.  They also grow all kinds of veggies and even watermelons!IMG_5067My mom has become so educated in farmin’ :)

I carried this bumblebee around on one of my flowers for a little while…  They don’t use any pesticides on their crops so needless to say my kids were ‘freakin’ out about the bugs :) IMG_5068

Last Sunday we had the teens from church over to our house for the evening Devo.  I did a picnic theme complete with dirt cake for dessert.  Everything was super yummy.IMG_5069

After the devo we all went out back to burn off some of that young energy.  That’s a blurry picture of Ben Lineberger.IMG_5071

Here they are playing some beanbag game, kind of like horse shoes.  One side had Auburn bags and sign… the other Bama.  Joe and Bry are a house divided!IMG_5072

Here’s Bry and Mom, plus Hunter and Luke Lineberger.  IMG_5075

Meshaun and Logan catching the action from the sideline.


A couple of days ago I took the kids out front to ride their bikes… it soon turned into dirt digging and playing around in the grass…. Pedro was begging to be with us and was paranoid we were leaving.  I missing his collar so I just opened the van door and he sat in there for at least an hour :)IMG_5080

He just looked so happy!IMG_5081 IMG_5082 IMG_5083


Here’s Hailey and Jack diggin’ up some dirt… what is better than that?IMG_5089IMG_5090



Uh-oh… my sword broke!!  Don’t worry, mommy fixed it :)

IMG_5101 IMG_5103 IMG_5107 IMG_5110 IMG_5111 IMG_5112

Last night we were getting the kids ready for bed…. I ran to our bathroom and found this on the floor!!  Darren leaves his empty gun belt in there sometimes after he gets off…. Jack thought it was missing something!IMG_5119

P.s.  don’t mind my peeling wallpaper…. project in process.IMG_5120


Carrie said...

They better not be eating those roosters!;)I can't believe they all turned out to be roosters! They are stinking huge! I had a great time at lunch. We need to do it again soon!

Dawn said...

Your summer looks like it has been very busy! The devo looked really fun. You are such a great hostess! :D

Andrea said...

I love all your pictures especially all the ones of your kids. Your mom looks so pretty in her sunflower garden. I can't wait to see you all dress up as cows...lol. That was so great that you hosted the devo. I know it was a lot of work but I'm sure the kids had a blast.

Ben and Tabby said...

I love that b&w of Pedro. He looks like he's smiling in it! Looks like you're having a great summer!

Andrea said...

Oops...I just realized that was the Lineberger's garden, not your mom's. I got a little distracted by this little baby in my lap.

Vader's Mom said...

So many things to say... Foghorn Leghorn - that's adorable. Pedro amazes me that he can sit still that long. Poor Vader would have been right in the middle of everything and covered in dirt (and much hard to get clean!) But the gun belt - that's priceless!!!