February 11, 2010


We're getting a snow day tomorrow!! Hopefully it will snow enough for the kids to have a good time. I've got the camera ready to go and will definitely have something to blog about if we get some fluffy white stuff! I'm just secretly glad we can sleep in tomorrow morning and start our winter break a day early! (no school all next week!) I'm sure I'll be singing another tune in about 5 days! I got some fabric today so I'll have a few projects to do during our time off.
Our snow day last year was on a Sunday morning (1st of March). It was fun but barely stuck to the ground. We've got our fingers crossed for more this time!

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Kristen said...

I remember that snow day. It started snowing during church and was melting by the end of teh service.

I am not a snow person, though, so I was upset that we were getting snow! lol!