March 2, 2009

Let it Snow?!?!

March 1st blew in with a big surprise for Middle Georgia. I say surprise, but we were really warned of it. The weather men told us to look for snow but I don't think any of us believed that we were going to actually get any.... I mean come on... on Saturday I had my airconditioner on... it was 73 inside my house!
The kids and I left the house for church and they could hardly stay buckled in their seats. It was just starting to fall.

We got to church and I had to beg them to come inside with me. They wanted to stay outside of course!! Hailey was beside herself with joy. She has asked for snow for over a year now!!

By this point I think Jack was ready to be inside!
It snowed the entire time we were in services!! We sat on the second to last pew and the kids watched out the doors! The adults did too =) It started sticking to the cars and ground about an hour after it started. As soon as church was over everybody cleared out to see our Georgia snow storm!! The kids played, and ran, and caught snowflakes on their tongues.
Dawn looked like a flocked tree by the time she stopped taking her pictures! You should check out her 'snow' post too! She got some really good pictures and even some videos!!

I think this will go down in history as one of Hailey's most bestest days EVER!!!
It was really beautiful!
Here's Grandma and Papa's house.
So here was our Before picture on the way to church that morning:
And this was our After shot on the way to church that evening:
The kids however did not get a snow day today so I decided to get my grocery shopping done. I'm still an ameture at this couponing thing, but I think I did pretty good.
Here is my Publix trip.
The total was $84.31
Out of pocket was $40.75
Amount saved $43.56
This was my trip to Kroger.
The total was $96.34
Out of pocket was $51.80
Amount saved $44.54
I was going to try to get just 1 free pack of toilet paper at Kroger, but some crazy person must have had the same idea as Tabby and bought out the entire store =) There wasn't even one little package left for me! I'll go back in a couple of days and try again...It's free, why not?!?!

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Ben and Tabby said...

Love the snow pics! And you did great on your shopping trips!! I keeping saying this, but I am so jealous that we don't have a Publix here!! I miss those BOGO's!! They have a few of them at Food Lion, but they're not as good as the ones Publix has.

Amber said...

I love that other people are using the coupons! I just think of it as my new hobby.

I wish we could have had some snow. I feel so bad, my kids have NEVER gone sledding. Most of my life as a kid involved snow in the winter, even when we lived in Virginia Beach we got some occasionaly.

I think Hailey's got the right idea, the BESTEST DAY EVER!

Dawn said...

You got some cool snow pics, too! We went for a walk in the warm weather Saturday afternoon. When my dad told me that it was going to snow, I thought that was crazy!

Great job saving $$$$!

Nancy said...

loved the pics of your snow!!!

Sarah said...

It was so beautiful when we walked out of church Sunday. It was definitely the bestest day ever! Way to go on the shopping. Looks like you did great.

Amanda Mae said...

Great snow pics!!

You did a great job know I love those deals :o)

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