July 29, 2010

Family Fun in July

We spent the Friday before the 4th at the fireworks show with the Lesters.  No pictures because I single-momed it for the first time.  We survived and I didn’t leave any kids behind :)

Jack is loving his new little brother.  He almost smothers him.  Hailey is getting more and more interested now that Collin is awake more and interacting with us.


We had another family outing with the Lesters to the Museum of Arts and Sciences.  They have a bug exhibit right now.  The kids loved it! I think Darren was secretly cringing the entire time. 


Riley and Jack with the big bugsJack and Riley with big bugs!

Hailey and the grasshopperIMG_7257

Collin, almost 4 weeks old


My boys!IMG_7252   We spent one afternoon at the bowling alley.IMG_7263

Hailey is all about being a rock star right now!  IMG_7268

And why didn’t someone tell me this kid’s face was so dirty?! :)IMG_7265

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Amber said...

Just the pictures of the bug exhibit creep me out. I love the boy's inital shirts.