July 6, 2010

Month 1

Our first month post baby has been wonderful.  I can’t believe it will be a month tomorrow! We have really enjoyed Darren being off work and getting to spend so much quality time together as a family.  The kids have had a blast with the sprinkler ball. (they do have swim suits…but they are kept at Grandma’s) IMG_7135 IMG_7136Our first outing with Collin was to the library.  After checking out books (which were returned late!) they always have to play on the computer for just a little bit. I love watching them holler at each other because of the head phones!!    IMG_7175 IMG_7176 IMG_7177

Our first eating out experience was with Grandma and Papa for dinner at Zaxbys.  The kids HAD to sit next to him :) IMG_7180

Another HUGE accomplishment is that Jack is swimming!!! He loves it and we are all so happy.  He’s even going in the deep end!! They have been swimming at Papa’s pool so much now that they have each other to play with.IMG_7185 IMG_7188 IMG_7194

Grandma Great and Grandaddy Great came for Father’s Day weekend to meet Collin for the first time.  He is their 4th great grandchild.

IMG_7190 IMG_7193 

Although this ‘generation’ picture is a mix of blood lines, these are the men my boys will look up too.  So happy they have great Christian examples in their lives. IMG_7196

My mom and dad.


The girls…IMG_7200

My first attempt at getting a picture of just my kids. Collin was ready to scream, but it turned out pretty good and no babies were dropped!!IMG_7202

His first real bath.  He didn’t cry, but the look on his face was a little perplexed. IMG_7215 IMG_7217

His eyes are still a slate blue… not sure what they are going to do.  Everyone says he looks like Hailey when she was a baby (which means we might have a little Darren) As far as his demeanor… he loves to be held, only likes his swing or bouncy seat if he is asleep and he eats a lot!!! At his two week apt he was up to 8lbs 90z!!!! IMG_7223

Pedro loves him too! (I promise I only let him kiss him once and then I make him back off! -  he’d smother him with kisses if I let him!)IMG_7225

The other evening the kids helped with bath time.  (yes Hailey is partially naked) Jack wanted to bathe him from head to toe and Hailey was more interested in using the play frogs as water guns!!!

IMG_7238 IMG_7237

Darren officially started back to work yesterday.  He is out of town for the whole week.  Me and the kids have done good these two days but we really miss Daddy!!! 


Anonymous said...

I love all of the pictures. I think it was so sweet that Hailey and Jack wanted to help with baby brother's bath.
I will have to get some copies of those you took on Father's Day.
Looks like the kids are really enjoying their Summer vacation. It will be time for school to start before you know it.
I know you miss Darren after having him home for a month. It was a good experience for all of you.
Wish I was closer so I could get in on some of that "holding".
Love you,

Dawn said...

I'm so glad things are going well for you guys! I loved the family pics of all of you. Your mom and dad took a really good one together. Collin is just so sweet! Allyson says she loves the new babies at church.

Amber said...

1. I love this post so much!

2. Your boys are so incredibly handsome.

3. You look fabulous for just having a baby.

4. Your grandfather is so handsome!

5. I wish that I was there.

Andrea said...

I thought that I had commented on your blog but I guess I didn't...I've been such a bad blogger lately. I love all of your pictures. So glad that Darren got so much time off to spend with Collin. Collin is growing so fast. He's such a sweet baby. I love your generation pictures. And the pic of the kids in front of the fireplace is so good.