July 29, 2010

New baby pics

Collin at 6 weeks old.  He is getting so chubby :)

 6 weeks old 6 weeks old IMG_7272

This was the first little smile I was able to get on camera

little smile at 6 weeks


IMG_7281 IMG_7287 IMG_7293

These are from this week ( 7 weeks old)

 7 weeks

Sweet lil’ fingers

 7 weeks 7 weeks

I was talking to him while he was sleeping… I think he heard me!

7 weeks

Right now I’m thinking he may keep his blue eyes, we’ll see..

7 weeks

7 weeks 7 weeks 7 weeks

He LOVES the fan… it gets more smiles than I do :)

7 weeks

Seeing what Hailey is playing on the computer! lol!

7 weeks 

Hopefully he’ll slow down and stay little for me!


Our Family said...

These are so cute!!!

Andrea said...

Love the new pics of Collin. I love his little belly. He was so cute in church last week when he was smiling at your mom. I know she just loved that. Can't believe how big he's getting.

Susan said...

He's so cute, really he is. It's funny, I still feel the same way about Brandon, wanting him to stay little and just holding him as much as I can.

Amber said...

What a sweet little chunk! I love it. I think I see both of your other kiddo's in him. Maybe I'm crazy!

Crystal said...

I love his big beautiful eyes. He is precious. Skylar absolutely loves the fan too.

Anonymous said...

my humpty dumpty is just the sweetest baby . so was hailey & jack ! he is starting to respond to us now .

Dawn said...

He looks 6 mos already! So alert and looking around so much already!! He is so precious! I love his name, too! :) I just looked at your previous post. Looks like you've had a busy, but fun summer!

Kristen said...

I'm going to have to stop coming over to your blog if you're going to be putting up pictures of your little handsome baby! Seriously! Ha!

josh healy said...

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Doris said...

I love the pictures of Collin. He is changing so fast.
I want to try Amber's peach cobbler recipe since we have a few peaches this year. I ususally use canned peaches, but hers sounded really good. Did you use a 9" pie plate or a square dish?