December 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Hailey!!

Today is Hailey's 4th Birthday! I can't believe she is getting so big. Some days it does seem like forever...but really it does go by too fast! I'm trying to savor the precious times and remember that the rough times aren't as bad as they seem. Hailey is full of personality and we never have a dull moment with her. Here are some pictures of her milestones.

Hailey and Papa (Just 1 day old 12-9-2003)

Hailey's 1st Earings (5months old)Hailey 1 year old (12/2004)Meeting her brother Jack (Sept 2005)2 years old (12/2005)

1st Haircut (8/2006)3 years old (12/2006)1st day of K-3 (8/2007)Today was the big day...she had a princess party @ McDonald's!Hailey is 4 years old!!!

Happy Birthday Hailey!! We love you so much!

Daddy, Mommy, Jack, & Pedro too....


Tabby said...

How sweet! That was a really cool post. It is so neat to watch her grow through those pictures. She is such a big girl, and such a sweetheart! we had a great time at her princess party. Happy Birthday Hailey!

Aric and Amber said...

Her hair is so long!!! I can't believe how long is has gotten. I'd love to have her head of hair.

Tabby said...

Hey! Isabelle is starting to feel better I think. Still kinda congested, though. I can't believe you wouldn't eat Burger King two days in a row! Why not?