December 24, 2007

Santa's on his way!

All of us with "Papa-Santa"

Hailey & Jack writing their letters to Santa!

Helping decorate Grandma's tree.

Hope everyone is all ready for Santa to come! We sure are... Grandma and Grandaddy Great are now here in town so the fun can begin! The kids are so excited. They got to have a little preview this afternoon with their Nana (Darren's mom). She came over and we did Christmas with her since Darren will be working the next two days and we won't make it over there to her house. They had a lot of fun getting to open some presents early. Then we went to mom's and visited with Grandma & Grandaddy Great! The kids sang them every carol they could think of! Hope your day is filled with lots of fun. Get to bed early! And remember to leave Santa and the reindeer some really good treats!!


Aric and Amber said...

So sweet! And once again, you are so skinny! I love your little family pic. I think mama Jan needs to start dressing up as Mrs Claus. She could be a sassy Mrs. C!

Tabby said...

Your new template looks great! I love it! and I love the ornament cake! You are so creative!

Tabby said...

PS- I agree with Amber, Mama Jan would make a great Mrs.Clause. :)